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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cat-craze is an age old thing!

Happy Saturday everybody.

I just took my shopping-bag for a walk.. :) ..and got my hat covered with just the slightest hint of fluffy snow; not even powerful enough to be seen by bare eye as is flies down from skies and melts right at the touch of pavement.
On my way from shop to shop I saw two creatures playing around a pond: those were two kittens and I believe this was their first encounter with snow. They made me smile, with their curious nature, and the paws that want to touch the thing flying around them.. but, as it just happen to be something wet, they'd quickly shake it off their paws. 
Cats being cats, they tried this again.. and another shaking-of-the-paws followed.

We love cats. (that is an understatement: we nearly worship them, and to prove my statement, just try to sum up all the cats online.. they rule the World Wide Web).
That got me thinking about something: many folks believe that kitty-obsession is a thing of the modern age. And to prove you how age-old it is; I have dug up an article that tells the tale of one lady and two cats.. in Hollywood.

Take a look, it's not long:

This was published back in 1932; and we can see right here - when it comes to cats, they have a strong and lasting Star Personalities.. and therefore must be recognized as such.

I hope you had a giggle.
Have a great day!


  1. I love cats. I've had many throughout my life. None ever made me any money.

    1. Hey!
      Just like yourself, I too have had cats as companions ever since I could remember.. but never has a single creature earned me money :)

  2. $50 a week for a cat! That's a LOT of money.

    I love cats. Endlessly entertaining little animals.

    1. Mim,
      True.. so true. Madly costly to give 50 dollars a week for a cat; even if she's having some heavy treatments going on. But, then again.. we have seen those wealthy gals carrying their kitties in baskets, and giving them diamond blings as collars.. so, I can say: some folks CAN spend up to 50 dollars a week..
      But, for most of us: cats are friends, not fashion items :D