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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

BURDA Wednesday: August 1958, part I

Hello everybody

Remember that song "Hot night, summer in the city"? ..oh, what a lovely tune.. and a great melody to follow this issue of Burda magazine. Unlike this frosty morning, our Burda is at the peak of summer's joyful days. 

Let's give it a go:

Amusing design
and a turban to complete the look

Our "brow lady" has changed her look
meaning: a change in fashion 


Yes, this is how fashion shows used to look like
slow pacing models, carrying numbers of models
and everything was much more toned-down.

Up and about the sewing world.

My word: THIS is a lady with the style,
the posture, the feminine figure
(we should acknowledge beauty when we see it)

Look a t this gorgeous dress!
(and that waist circumference!)

Sort of like 1920's but a bit.. too much

Now we come to those odd-cuts
that are yet to grow into an actual style.

I can say I like the colors,
but I'm not sure about the shape of it all.

These I love!
These two dresses are wear-all-day kind of outfits.

No one would mind seeing you in the meeting looking like this.

Ladies dresses

What a hat!

..something for the end:
young ladies were gasping over these skirts..
and we can see why

If you're having a chilly, frosty and breezy morning that required your fast-pacing in order to stay warm, and a morning that has given your cheeks a natural blush.. I hope this issue of Burda magazine has given you some warmth and inspiration.

Have a marvelous Wednesday!


  1. Great Burda Wednesday!

    I am not keen on that 1920s-style dress or tent-shaped coat either. I'm not convinced they look good on anyone, frankly, aside from the sort of person who'd look good even in a potato sack, and then it's a case of the wearer overpowering the garment, rather than the garment doing anything at all for the wearer. That dogtooth-check dress suit, on the other hand, that is a big YES.

    1. Hey Min!
      You're right. Some outfits are not made to be becoming, but to be a way of making a statement. I suppose that shapeless dress is one such garment.


  2. I think some of those unfortunate shapeless dresses were called sack dresses. At least here in the USA. I guess that style didn't go over too well with the public as I've seensome old tv shows where there would be a mocking comment regarding the latest fashion of sack dresses.

    The red polka dot dress is so hideous!

    1. Dear Dawn,
      You are thinking correctly: we too call it a "sack" dress. I think everyone can fit into it, but so few people can actually look decent in it. Honestly: like a sack of potato.

      We all agree on polka-dot dress. Some times even dots don't help the garment.


  3. So many stylish, sophisticated outfits here. I'm struck also by the elegance of the nail polish bottle. Most of today's look down utilitarian by comparison. One of the brands that dabble in old school inspired makeup should release a line of nail polishes in similar mid-century style bottles. How fun would that be!

    Big hugs & happy Tuesday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica