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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Love Story: Fool's Paradise

Hello everybody.

I wish you a good rainy morning! I have woken up to see-- well, to tell the truth, I failed to see much because the fog was so thick, and as I opened the window to let the air in I felt the deep, moist and heavy dampness in the lungs - a clear sign of summer not returning until next year.

I can't turn Sun's energy to "high", but
at least I can warm our hearts.
Here's this weeks love story:

I'll try to brave the weather, there are people who are waiting me for our regular Sunday's "coffee and chat" time (there just might be some gossiping, men gossip much more than ladies)
But first: I need to check on my furnace. :)


  1. Enjoy your coffee! I'm listening to the kittens bouncing about upstairs.

    1. Kitties everywhere!
      I do envy you, dear...


  2. Old telephone numbers are the best! I wish there was a way to still get them nowadays. How awesome would it be, as a vintage lover, to have one to causally slip into conversation or surprise folks with when they asked for your digits. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. There is a sense of security.
      You see: giving someone your "digits" was a big deal, it meant you gave them something personal, because it instantly went along with your street address, but it was also the ONLY way to communicate, and it had your family name on.
      Nowadays, it's OK not to own the "fixed number" ("fixed" in the sense of Yellow Pages has you), but giving out your instagram, facebook.. actually, that is even greater personal risk - we've discussed this on your blog.