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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

BURDA Wednesday: July 1958, part I

Hello everybody

Note: this post is set to appear in front of you on a Wednesday (hopefully, I've done it right), since I am not able to publish it. While you are reading these lines, I'm away on business.. knowing my schedule and my agenda, I was aware that I have two options.. actually, since "option one" was that you all miss out an edition of Burda Wednesday.. there was only one true option: pre-fabricating.

So, here we go...
let's get back to July 1958.

For some reason, she resembles a Barbie-doll
(not in a bad way)

July shopping list.. I love the "sandals"
but I don't have the thumbs for them
(feel free to laugh now)

Amazing shape of the lipstick tube.

I had to giggle once I saw this page: 
shopping for a vacuum cleaner is much, much harder
than most of us imagine:
bag or no bag? exhaust with filter, or double filter system
..or maybe a water-locking one?!

Same lady as in previous edition of Burda
and I still like the skirt.

After you give a closer look to rexona advertisement 
pay attention on the small image: such delicate dress..

Travel with style
(I do my best to look decent while I travel, but I doubt
heels would be something I can manage)

Do you use something similar?
Do you like your sheets and tablecloths stiff?
My grandma used to use starch when she ironed, and
it took her ages.. she would get so upset if she saw a wrinkle on our tablecloth..

Novelty-prints for July

They are so decorative and fun

I say "yes" to all of these dresses, everything suits my taste:
shape, form, color, length..

Absolutely lovely.

Yet another page that features dresses
that I would take in no time

Oh, how I would love to have bangs...

Well.. that is it for this time.
Have a great day


  1. Divne, divneeee 50te! Kad vidim ove tvoje postove dode mi zao sto nisam naučila šivati i krojiti kako spada jer mislim da želim sve iz ovog broja,

  2. I love all the dresses in this one. And the umbrella-print fabric is just so cute and fun.

  3. Such lovely dresses - I look at all of them and think 'I'd wear that'. As for the skirt, ones like that often turn up in charity shops here, though I haven't seen nearly as many this year - I'm hoping there will be more on the racks soon as the weather turns colder. One of mine cost me all of £1.50, so I'm hoping for more bargains.

    Your post did indeed appear on the Wednesday! I regularly schedule posts, especially if I know I have a busy period coming up (eg print deadline) and won't get to do a proper one.

  4. The umbrella prints are slaying me!!! That would be the absolute perfect print to wear for a spring photo shoot. I wish a repro company would see this and get inspired to release garments in a similar fabric themselves.

    Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica