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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

BURDA Wednesday: May 1958, part II

Hello everyone

I'm feeling so many things this week. Every time September shows his darling days, I start feeling a lot. A lot of everything. I feel summer's end approaching; I feel autumn's first breath; I feel the strong need to sharpen my pencils; I get an urge to change something, to built, to do crafts...
For me, September's first day is as important as Christmas or Easter are to others.

 I have never seen such glamorous way to go to sleep
Zoeppritz - still makes blankets.

 "They get a lot of sun and air"

 When the advertisement tells you that wearing stockings
gives you "Grace, the charms!"
than you know why I'm always wearing them :)

I honestly wear stocking every day to work. No matter what. Not only that I find them to be an essential part of my attire, but there's also the comfort aspect to them. One might frown upon me wearing stocking today (when the temperature will rise up to 36°C, that's 97F), but my body is more comfortable when there's no touching of the skin. I have heat-sensitive skin.
...and shoes feel &look much better when worn with stocking as background support; I'm like that, and I doubt I'll change my ways.

 This dress is something
I could absolutely sport every day.
The shape is perfect, it provides lots of motion
and does not get "clingy" when worn for a long time.

 Wonderful blouses.
(hint: brow fashion is:
definitively seriously shaped and visually powerful)

 Pleats without ironing
(I got distracted by the kitchen-ware)

 Look at her!
Oh, how she sparkles!
This dress is divine. Can I have it, please?

 Pass the "junocreme" (skin treatment)
I gave a closer look to the pair of daily dresses.
They are so sleek, clean and office-friendly.

 Apparently, when going to mountains and lakes
"you need a warm jacket" :)

 Image one: "For cooler days"  - a lovely coat
Image two: "For special chic" - great fitting suit
Image three: "The spring dress" - adorned with a belt

 Come on; you have to admit
this page is amazing, fun and 
full of "feel good"

"The care-free beach life
gives us real recovery"

 Ladies look amazing, because they are real.
(by "real" I mean: it's the age when the magazines haven't yet
started promoting negative self-image;
and a little "bulk" on the waists was no problem)  :)


For the end of this week's fashion review:

Fellas deserve proper beach-wear as well :)

After carefully examining the array of mixed emotions, I've realized that this year the intensity of them was the strongest, due to my moving home.. took me time to "get" that I have indeed MOVED and am living on my own.. feels rather good and heartwarming. 

As for my need for changes:


I got my hair bobbed - again. :)
(can you imagine a pair of small eyes and a smiling face
on this chestnut? every time I spot one on my way I have to
pick it up and put it in my pocket.. do idea why)

How's your September starting?
Are you getting emotional?


  1. I love all the fun in the sun fashions!

    Your bob looks very nice.

  2. You're right, those dresses would be fantastic for work.

    I am not having a good September - my cat is ill, and will have to be put to sleep before it all gets too painful for her. :-( Lots of tears in our house. But the month can only get better after that, I guess, and I'm looking forward to making my house cosy in autumn.

  3. You're not alone, I wear stockings or tights all throughout the year, too. I will go bare legged sometimes on the very hottest days of summer, but even when the temps have soared to 40C or higher, I've often still donned my beloved stockings. I agree with you so much, one's legs just feel better with them on (no matter the weather).

    ♥ Jessica