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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

BURDA Wednesday: June 1958, part II

Hello everybody.

Second Burda post coming your way from Brussels. I'm here for few more days and to be honest: it's about time I get back home. Of course, Belgium is a lovely country.. but I miss my language a bit, and the autumn streets of my small town. 

Best cure for feeling homesick:
fashion-infused pages of our dear magazine: 

I say: ever since some genius invented washing machine
women's lives are easier

Bright and airy

Well, emmmm.. this is for those more corpulent ladies,
with busts :)

Makes your cleaning easier?
I suppose it makes your floors shine.

Oh, these are your dance dresses
we don't have dances any more.. sadly.

Look at them - they are illuminating. :)

I would not dare wearing this to a picnic,
it's so precious.

Besideas this adorable "Suwa" detergent advertisement,
take a look at magnificent lady above.

"For a hot day..."

"...a comfortable dress"

"Evidur" is still making detergents.

I'll have what ever she's having
and while we're at it.. I'll take the train-ride, too :)

Like mother, like daughter..
both adorable.

These flower dresses.. 

Nighties for your summer days.

I'm sorry that this post is a bit late.. I've started in the morning.. but since this flat is also my "office", work took time..
Have a great day.


  1. Wow, what fabulous clothes in this one! I want everything for my own wardrobe. I think I will be dreaming of those lovely dresses tonight.

  2. So many amazing frocks!!! Love, love, and love them all some more. I'm hard pressed to pick a single favourite, but I think it might just be the all white offering with the ballooned sleeves. I haven't owned an all white dress in many, many years (let's face it, they're not, objectively, the most flattering garment on many folks, myself included), but I would seriously rock that one in a heartbeat if it fell into my closet (if only, eh!).

    Thank you for another wonderfully enjoyable edition of Burda Wednesday. They are truly one of the highlights of the blogging week for me.

    Huge hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I likw that dress with the red and blue squares on. As a lady with a bust, I'm surprised that all their busty styles are button-front. Okay, the buttons draw the eye to the centre and create an illusion of less width, but 'button gape' is extremely annoying.