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Monday, 3 August 2015

My little cookbook, part II

Hello everybody.

Come to think of it, I may dare saying I love this month. With all the features of summer still standing strong, and the sun's rays still powering up the skin color (wear your sunscreen, folks!) this month gives a hint of forthcoming changes later on. Once the date passes 19th (in our calendar it's known as Saviour's Transfiguration)our older ones start seriously prepping for winter; since we believe it's the "last of the summer Saints".

Bathed in sun!

Might sound silly, but it has never failed us, the attention that our older ones gave the calendar. Now, many, many of our folks did respect Christian ways, but sayings like this one remained - from those times loooong gone. Heads get risen more often. Yeah, that means folks used to (and still do!) observe the clouds forming, since August tends to bring some bad storms; and you do not need a heavy rain pouring on your wood pile - wet woods don't heat up the place & what became wet in August becomes rotten by December. My grandpa used to say "money goes to waist if you don't raise your head in time"

My life so far?

Hectic, busy, work-in-progress. With an ever existing local issues our people have in I deal the office; with never ending struggle to get the floor fitted MY way on the other. Also, at the same time, I'm trying to stay positive and strong, in order to help my brother move to his new flat. And besides that, there always something new for me to learn.
Those of you who have seen my pictures on Instagram, you know I have gotten a new knife. This has been a long-planned purchase, and I have roamed the World Wide Web for quite a while in order to match my needs. Even though I don't prepare any of the foods from the places.. I've gotten an Asian knife. :)
It's called the "santoku" knife.

I hope there's going to a lot of times for me to use this pretty thing (so sorry if this sounded a bit scary, but bare in mind that I'm a grandchild of a butcher; and it's only natural for me to be the owner of a good knife - it makes life easier and cooking faster)

About cooking....
Here's the second part of the adorable little cookbook I have found some time ago. It was so lovely (and the frog-guide looked way too cute!) so I've decided to share it with you. 
As for part one, please go HERE.

A great thing about this little book is that you can print it out and use it with your kids. Not only do the illustrations help with understanding the basics, but the book itself doubles as a coloring-book. So, anyone said: "frugal-proof"? :)

What were your cooking beginnings like?
Remember the first thing you've made? How was it?
I wish you a great start of an amazing week.


  1. You're not alone there at all, I absolutely adore August, too. It's this big, warm final hug (for intents) from summer and since becoming and adult and thus not having to contend with a new school year each September, I've come to love and appreciate it all the more (I was a huge fan of school, don't get me wrong, but like most kids, I was an even bigger fan of summer vacation! :D).

    I hope that this whole month is warm, sunny, and filled with loveliness for you, my dear friend.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Ahhh, the August's last days.
      To me, will always remain filled with that "back to school" feeling, and I must admit it - I still shop for office supplies at that time.. I can't shake the feeling.. no: I will not shake that feeling off.