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Friday, 28 August 2015

I'm not nuts - I'm "carrots".

Hello everybody.

Lately, I have devoted myself to carrots Honestly, it's due to lack of apples - they are not in season, and I went for the "next best thing" that is available at Farmer's Market.

Just bought them, so fresh
you can smell the dirt. :)

I haven't wrote about my daily meals on this blog - yet. I'm no fun when it comes to food: my morning and my evening meals don't change on Monday to Friday.. only the meal after work (you call that dinner?) changes every day. As for "lunch" - it's carrots. Raw. Chopped. Crispy, crunchy, highly nutritious and filling.. all that I want my food to be.

See this?
This tells you that that huge carrot I'm holding
has just 30 calories.
(think about it the next time you reach out for a bag of chips)

Back in WWII, carrots were the home fronts secret weapon. The propaganda's powerful machinery was charged to convince children that carrots on sticks were just as tasty as ice-creams, that eating lots of carrots helped you ‘see in the dark’ during blackouts, and that Dr Carrot would make everything better. 

Everyone has posted this... I know.
But isn't he cute? 
(he'd convince me to try carrots)

Carrots were also used to sweeten cakes and biscuits (cookies) replacing some of the sugar used in many recipes. Globally, the carrot became a staple food: it was fairly easy to grow, it was bulky, could be turned into many, many meals - salty & sweet.
In our country, after War ended and after the re-building was over - came the "time of plenty", and people slowly moved away from cooking with carrot; it became something you'd put in your stock, or maybe something to give color to a salad. Come 1980s and folks forgot about carrot as a base for desert meal. Fast forward to this day and age - people are slowly moving back to basics, but are still a minority, and they are usually called "health freaks".

Being freaky or not, 
I made a carrot cake
from pages of my grandma's cook book:

First time I made this cake, I served it to my family. My parents ate without any "problems", they were wondering about what's the ingredient that give the cake it's moist(y) feel. They liked it pretty much, and after a while started remembering their early childhood (yes, my folks are elderly, or as we like to say "have a great memory"). Dad remembered the garden, the carrot picking and the way his mom's kitchen smelled while the cake was baking; there were no "aspirators" in the kitchens, so the smells stay indoors for a while.. filling the house with sweet sense of carrot's goodness.
On the other hand, my brother had trouble with an idea of "putting a vegetable in a cake", since for someone like him (I dare add: who has NO IDEA about baking) a cake must not have anything other than: flour, sugar, eggs, chocolate and nuts. I believe the words were "I'm not going to be tricked by this". Later on, I caught him feasting on a large slice of my carrot cake. He accepted it. :)

I hope you can read my handwriting.
Let me know if you try it out.


  1. I love carrot cake! Yours looks like a good recipe.

    I get an organic vegbox delivered each week. It's seasonal, and we can't choose the contents, so we've usually got loads of carrots in the house. I like them as a salad - grated, plus chunks of apple and walnut - but we eat them in all sorts of ways.

  2. Dr. Carrot is a cute character. I like raw carrots, cooked carrots not so much.

    Here in the USA, carrot cake has been popular for decades and still is. For a lot of folks, it's their favorite cake. I happen to be a chocolate fan though

  3. Carrots are the best!!! I have always loved them and make a point of cooking with them (or eating them raw) on a very regular basis. Tony is a big fan, too, which is handy! When I really, really want a special treat, I'll make brown sugar or honey glazed carrots to serve with roast or grilled meat. Yum! :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica