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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

BURDA Wednesday: May 1958, part I

Hello everybody.

First, there's NEWS:


I've moved.
Simple as that. Nothing historic. Nothing hysteric.
I have been moving things for a long time, and it's now done.
I live alone. :)


Now, that we've got that drama out of the way,
let's take a look at this week's Burda:

 Don't you think this is a perfect pattern for spring and summer,
it's a like wearing rays of sunshine .

 Even undergarments look amazing.

 Window-shopping for May 1958.

 "Overnight smooth dry"
(it's a type of fabric)

 Letters from readers
and "hello" to Eyebrow-lady. :)

 Perfect for the office.

 What word do you use for "frottir"?

 "Slimming made easy"
They are pushing advertisements forward. and
the magazines are getting the form we now recognize..

 "A stocking which, as you see, 
is something to be proud of"  :)

 Emulating some late 1920s spirit?

 New fashions.. new colors.

 Garments are slowly loosing waists..

Wonderful shape!

 My, my..
take a look at the lovely piece in the upper left! :)

 I suppose this is perfect for strolling down city streets.

 As for going to a mountain retreat..

...they grab these things!

Back to "all that drama".
About a year ago, after a lot of true drama (family drama, money drama, work drama..) I have given a down-payment for a dilapidated old house located across the street from my parent's home (the one I was brought in when I was born and the one I lived in my whole life).  
The poor thing was in a sorry state, and I had to employ builders right away, or else there was to be no house by spring (the heavy snows that we get each winter have "eaten it up" and it would not last another snow season). 
Walls were changed, roof re-made, I had to go on a scavenger-hunt for the windows (you can easily get PVC windows, but it takes a lot more to find old-school wood three piece windows in size "S", trust me). I learned how to install floors and how to count ceramic tiles. I spent hours studying plum-work in order to be prepared for the arrival of plumbers (last thing you want is to be the "know nothing" and "let the folks do their business"). I draw and re-draw electronics-plans, and plug-in locations for every room. 
It all took time.
It all took energy (I will not discuss money here, probably never)... but it was worth it.

My grandpa used to say:
"Nothing is impossible - all you need is
to have nerves think like anchoring rode"

I'm not expecting moving-in presents.. but if you're feeling extra charitable; I can share my address with you (no pressure there)  :)

Have a great Wednesday, dear friends...


  1. Congratulations on your move! May you have many happy years there. Having your own home is a very exciting time.

  2. That is so fabulously exciting!!! I said months ago that I would love to send you a wee housewarming gift and I stand by that entirely, so please do email me your new mailing address anytime and I will get that off to you on the double.

    Tons of hugs & happy new home wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Congratulations on your new home! I bet now you're there you must feel it was all really worth it. It's lovely having your own space to do what you want.

    1. THANKS; DOLL.
      You know: you are more than invited to stop by.