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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Tailored kitchen for a smiling house-lady

Hello everybody

In the titile, I tried to combine my femininity and my feminism - and the only way I can possibly name a women that owns a home is that: "a house-lady"
See: I'm hot a wife. But, I'm a house-owner.
In order to match those two - a strange looking term was combined.

All the word-game
for giving you this adorable little
booklet (advertisment):

When it comes to kitchen essentials, I'll surely say it's: the fridge, the "range" and a set of pans. You can live without most other things - you can even dine on your sofa for a while... 
Let us take a look at some of the amazing kitchen improvements from days gone by...

Look at them, how they smile.
I would too, if my kitchen was all set up. :)

What say you?
What are the most important items in the kitchen? Or should this question be; what are the most important items in YOUR kitchen?


  1. Very cool term! "Home owneress" would be a fun option, too. It does say something about the state of society that we don't have a general term for just this title. Let's try and get yours in the dictionary - or at least used more often online, that's a good start.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh I just love these types of informative books and pamphlets from the past! They're really where I get a lot of inspiration and advice. I have a kitchen that is "from the past" and I would have to say my cookbooks that all date from 1936 and older are the most important to me and the most used. Oh! And also my radio because I can't possibly cook or bake without Ben Selvin! But then again every article in my kitchen serves a very important purpose! Great post!! I can't say it enough!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. My kitchen is the one thing I don't like about my house, because we love to cook and it is far too small. The most important things in my kitchen are the fridge and cooker.

    That said, when my mother-in-law died we bought a few things home from her kitchen, including a Kenwood Mini Chopper. I'd never have bought one of those for myself, but it is SO USEFUL for pureeing onions, tomatoes, ginger and/or garlic for curries. It's fab!

  4. Granted they might now have always been the most ergnomically laid out designs, but I love vintage kitchens so much, because they often had way more personaility and charm than their modern counterparts. Now it's all about marble, granite, stainless steal, and cutting edge appliances that cost a small fortunate. All those things are fine and well enough, but when was the last time you say, say, a pink and pastel yellow kitchen with a formica table and, say, some splashy flower prints framed on the wall? Outside of vintage mags and the homes of those who opt for timewarp decor, virtually never these days. My dream kitchen would be much more mid-century looking that 2010s, I tell you! Of, going further back in time, I wouldn't mind a Victorian looking one (say with a Aga cooker) either! :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica