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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

BURDA Wednesday, March 1958, part II

Hello everyone.

Let me tell this using term so popular in TV shows back in the day: Le't's get this show on the roll:

Here's one for the coming summer of 1958
(and all the summers to follow)
our Burda editors give us NAVY.

If you're still struggling with a lot of blue in your life 
(err, like myself)
you can always to "negative": more white, less blue
it's still navy, folks! :)

Please, divert your gaze (just for a moment) 
from the lovely dresses and pay attention to
the hairstyle in upper right corner:
mid-parting.. so, the '60 are near

Even Sissy said "yes" to wearing
summer white.

Knot your way onto summer
with these amazing ideas

Here's a great way to "break" a somewhat sport-ish attire:
give it a "boost" with jewelery

I'm such a sap when it comes to tablecloths
This bird-pattern is done in a cross-stitch, 
and it's subtle and simple look is just perfect
(I would pick a different color pattern, though) :)

Taft... lasts a whole day!
(it does, I've used it)

Here are some solutions for all those "problem" areas
like sloping ceilings.. 
no one wants them, but once you have it - you can go around it
and make it appealing.

"We live under the roof"
ideas for all those who live in apartments on the top of the building.

Kids wearing a dirndl... adorable!

"Your skin - healthy and beautiful"
Tashan - cream with added vitamins 
(production stopped in 1997, I believe)

Hints on fashion

This issue features an amazing "Exclusive model"
red with polka dots,
tight around waist, but gives a little strength to shoulders
Quite the lovely dress.

In case you are wondering
what the "pudding" in bottom left corned might be
I think it's a "spinach aspic"

An "aspic" (the word even we, over here, use in identical form) is a gelatin-meal, and can be made by quite a lot of ingredients. As I've just wrote, main thing to make an "aspic" is the proper use of meat stock gelatin (something I'm yet to master).

Looking like tiny adults
(I can't judge the parents for doing that,
since mine done just the same)  :)

What's in stores, for March 1958
/and the "eyebrow lady" again  :)

Learn how to sew attachments

Embrace your inner cowgirl, ladies..


You're asking me how's work:


I hope you were inspired.. and had a bit of a laugh.


  1. Your necklace is very pretty.

    Wow, Eyebrow Lady has some crazy eyebrows. I've never seen any that point up at the ends before.

    I love the white sweater with the flowers. And that tan sweater the man is wearing has a very unique neckline.

    1. Yup..
      Those are some seriously artistic eyebrows. :)

  2. Hehehe - that's some good eyebrow work there! (You have great brows - mine don't grow.)

    If you hadn't put the date on it, I'd have guessed that white cardigan was from the early 1960s, as that's when boxier knitting styles really came in over here. I think I like the pink woolly best from this issue.

    Spinach aspic. Hmm. I don't think I'd like that! I don't mind jelly on meat, but can't imagine it with vegetables.

    1. Spinach anything... not palatable :)
      While ago (quite a while ago, when I was in university), we had our weekly spinach dish.. and ever since that age passed, I can not bare the idea of the thing. So.. green and (pardon me) slimey...


  3. These dresses are all officially marvelous! Swoon, swoon, and super swoon! I thought that the blue and white ones were my faves, but than that layered red stunner came along and that went out the window. I don't know how well it would work on my figure, but, boy, would I love to give a dress like that a shot. If a repro company made a version and sold it a reasonable rate, it would sell like the hottest of hotcakes!

    Aww, I love seeing that flower necklace on you, sweet Marija. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos of yourself wearing it.

    Huge hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. ..and I love the fact that you have given it to me.. what an amazing joy to receive a package in mail and the feeling I have while unwrapping - joy like no other. :)

      Many great moments, darling!