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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Burda Wednesday: January 1958, part II

Hello everybody,

Couple of days ago, Mim from Crinoline Robot wrote a post on a number of clolthing items we own, and amount of times we wear them. She has named it "Lucky Seven" - and I urge you to read it.

Here's a quote:
Having a clear out is a great way to help you feel more in control of your wardrobe and your life. People think they need lots of clothing, that they need to be surrounded by choices, however, psychological research shows that having more choices actually leads to indecisiveness and less satisfaction rather than greater contentment.
Now, on we go with our fashion musings.. brace yourselves - it's a January issue, so you know there will be carnival outfits in here somewhere. :)

Oh, my fruit! :)

I actually rather like the little panguin.

Pleats are in.

About the hat in the upper left:
we used to call it "the sea diver's cap" and I hated the thing
it was knitted from a heavy wool,
and it was so itchy...

A kitchen utensil I must consider buying in the "first batch" of shopping.

House flowers.. jut one tiny hint:
if you are having (or planning on having) cats indoor
pay attention
(not only to cats like to destroy items...)
some plants are toxic fof kitties. 

This is a MATERPAGE!
If all else leaves your memory, this one should stay...
Never and art-form, but much needed skill.

Aprons away!

Sure, girls need them too
it's not sexist (not in my book)
it's a matter of keeping your kid tidy.

A slimming model.

Lovely wall decor.
Something simliar is what I have in plan
..and if you want to see how it's done
HERE's the link

A true sence of being festive
is when you make everything on the table appear like an art form.

New ides for housewives.

Yes, it's a
"calm me down" sort of a pill. :)

Brights for your ski-trip

Back to number of clothes.... as I've wrote in my comment on Mim's post:
I'm not sure about the number. There are ladies that have just a few gorgeous skirts that fit them like a glove and are so useful for mixing & matching.. and it seems like they have LOTS more.
Yet again, I happen to know a gal that (in a certain time) owned more than 6 pairs of black jeans - but they all looked the same to me, so it seemed like she has never chaned her wardrobe and kept goping around town wearing the same pair every day. :)
What about you?


  1. Hehehe, that pineapple costume is ace!

    I was quite startled by that article, and the fact is said the average number of times British women wear garments before getting rid of them is seven. Okay, most of us won't wear fancy cocktail frocks often, but things like favourite trousers or cardigans would, you'd think, pull the balance back the other way. I suppose the more things a person has, the less often they'll wear individual garments. It really made me think of how often I wear things! Thank you for the link.

    1. Hehehe... I gave that costume a serious thought. It would be a croud-pleaser! :)
      I dared to post without asking you - but your words were so magnificent and true... so it is me who thank YOU for your lovely writing.


  2. The Carnival costumes are awesome (and some look surprisingly modern, I think). We don't have Carnival or anything akin to it here, so it was a treat to see this. Usually, for most folks, the only time they wear costumes during the year is for Halloween. Far too long between doing so, if you ask me. We could definitely use with some Carnival festivities here, too!

    It's interesting to see the sack dress make an appearance in Burda as the 50s wind down. It so heralds the start of 1960s fashion to me (as do pointy toed shoes, though both preceded the decade of the 50s itself technically, they certainly helped to define the fashions of the early 60s all the same).

    Thank you for another terrific Burda Wednesday - have a beautiful first weekend of July, my dear friend!
    ♥ Jessica