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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

BURDA Wednesday, February 1958, part II

Hello everybody

It's a mid-weeek my dear friends, and I'm ever so pleased to give you another set of my favirote magazine scans: BURDA!

You can't go wrong with a little bit of red

Even Sissy wears it.

Perfectly romantic.

Knit your spring outfits.
(I never wore a knitted dress, I'm affraid 
it might stretch with use)

Kids looking like small versions of their parents.

...they really do, don't they?

"Why doesn't she"
(why does she not "what", you ask me)
Ski, play.. have fun... because of her "monthly feminine problem" :)

A true gem of this issue:
a monthy shopping ideas.
This page tells you what was REALLY in the shops back in 1958.

Happy life.

Prettier in 10 days
Surely, it can be managed:
change your diet, sleep more and have a bit of fun.

For the kids' most important time of childhood

Just look at how POSH they are
(we never had that - but, then again
knowing myself as a child
the dress wouldn't last longer than an hour)

Many ways of wearing your dress
and looking fabulous.

Exclusive model
Great color.



Happy spring hand-work

More useful stitch-works
Take a good look at these images, 
they truly tell a story of how we can "salvage" our
precious clothing items.

Rexona had soaps.
They still have them.

We'll stoop here
with a bright smile :)

Enjoy summer. Have something refreshing. Smile.
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Ah, hooray for Burda Wednesday! I'm on deadline for work, I needed something pretty.

    I know what you mean about knitted dresses - there always seems to be a risk of a baggy bottom in ones with pencil skirts. I guess if they're handknitted, you could rip them back and reknit them, but that would be an awful lot of work.

    1. You knit - so you, best of all, know about the "baggy bottom". As a kid, I had a knitted dress, just that one and just that once - never again. I felt bad wearing it, always making sure it does not stretch, and the darn thing stretched anyway.
      (also: beware of long sweaters, like dresses - they tend to get baggy)


  2. Lovely images! Thank you for sharing them with us

    1. You are most welcome, dear Carmella. :)

  3. Besides the great outfits I love those vintage ads...especially the "feminine problem" in this issue :-)

    1. Aha!
      I get you.. I absolutely get you.
      Most of my "intertnet for fun" time, I spend watching and roaming vintage advertisement - such joy!


  4. Ooohh, those big sweaters look so wonderfully warm and cozy! I'm not in a hurry to see summer vanish, but I do love sweater weather, so that's always something that makes waving buh-bye to the hottest season easier to handle. :)

    Thank you very much for another great Burda Wednesday post!

    ♥ Jessica