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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Love Story: Rapture at homecoming time

Hello everybody

Says who it's early?!
I'm up for a while now. I like to welcome the day, to smell the fresh morning air, to actually witness the glowing suns way up, up in the sky.. and to take my first coffee of the day..

Before we head on with our healthy dose of romance, let me first THANK all of you who had such kind words about my little blog's birthday and about me buying a house (I know: you all are waiting on more news, some pictures, etc.. and I'll have all that for you - soon).

For now: a story. :)

Reminds me (way too much) of miss Veronica Lake.. with that amazing-looking hair. And: is it just me or all the girls in these stories tend to be absolutely gorgeous? (no luck for us "even less than regular", ah? :)

Oh, well.. at least the sun is shining, the air is clear and it's a day off work - so I say: all is well, we are fine and life is worth enjoying it!


  1. Did we mention HOUSE PHOTOS...? :) haha! Can't wait..!!!! I'm an early morning person as well. It's getting light so early, I pushed myself to go cycling at 4am & I had the world to myself for 2 to 3 hours!! Very spiritual... :)

  2. Hair of Veronica Lake, body of Wonder Woman. Only in a comic strip could that red dress stay on in all those poses!

  3. Perhaps its no surprise that my attention would go there first, but just check out the stack of different bracelets on her wrist. Proof positive that the so-called "wrist party" look of recent years is anything but new (sorry, modern fashion magazines, as is so often the case, you didn't just invent this look! :D).

    ♥ Jessica