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Friday, 26 June 2015

Happy BLOG-day everybody! ...Oh, and...

Happy day everybody!!!

This blog is celebrating
it's 2nd birthday!!

In these past two years, I feel that I have grown a lot - not chaning my hight (I'm still 1 meter and 73 centimeters tall), but my emotional strenght and coping has grown significantly... thanks to many of your wonderful comments, and thanks to new friendships I have formed solely by being "one of the gals" that tend to type her life's tale on this blogoshpere.

This little blog, as it's description writes, is an eclectic space where I collect all the ramblings, texts, photos, scans.. that I find interesting and worth sharing. I write "little" not because of it's size (note here: some of my posts are image-heavy, simply because I love sharing scanned images from magazines - and it's seems to me that you like those).. I call this blog "little" because it's not having any "reviews", no "sponsored" posts.. however, I do have a constant craving for growth.

I've changed my looks.. over and over: 

I was a red-head for some time.
(than there was that "problem" with my hairdresser)

After my hair "recovered" a bit.. you are able to see
my real hair-color.

Later that year,
my hair went a bit lighter... and a bit longer

...and longer..

We're here right now
(who know where it'll lead on) :)

Over the past two years I have been gardening myself, trying to inspire you to start (or continue) gardening.. 

I've shown some lovely ideas..

There were numerous post on etiquette and manners (in our homes, in the way we dress up, in the way we act as human beings).

Yes - there's even a post about slurping our tea

What else was there?!
Well, there was one BIG DREAM of mine:

I have searched for a perfect house for a long time.... and posted many, many ideas over the time. Some of them are house plans, some are decorating ideas... (darn it I have even posted about colored toilets, just so you know!)


And that leads us to this point:

I did.
Honestly, truly.. YES. :)

I can not even begin to express my personal happiness, or the emotional turmoil that lead till today; I can only try an explain it with the usage of exclamation marks, you know, like:
I am so happy!

To all of you who are with me all this time: THANK YOU for sticking around. To all my new friends a warm: welcome. To a random stranger: feel free to "look around", you just might find something interesting in this "flea-market" blog of mine. :)

Have a magnificent day, beautiful people..


  1. Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary!

    Congratulations on buying a house. That is exciting news indeed.

    Oh, and you have beautiful eyes.

  2. Happy blog birthday! And wonderful news on the house purchase. Most exciting.

  3. My darling friend, it has been an honour and privillage to be a part of your blog's life, as well as your own, for these past two years. It's amazing how quickly time flies and how much one is able to accomplish, grow and change in two years. I am so incredibly proud of you and all that you've accomplished.

    You are a shining star, an incredibly kind person, smart as a whip, sweet as the day is long, and awesome for always bringing us such diverse, engaging, wonderful content. I feel blessed to call you a friend and can hardly wait to see what the next year holds in store for you and your blog!

    Huge hugs & happiest anniversary wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Congratulations, all the best to you!

  5. Congratulations on the blog, and on the house purchase!! Exciting times xx

  6. Happy birthday lovely blog! And - Congratulations on finding the right future home! So exciting!

  7. Congratulations Miss Home Owner..!!! Wow..! I cannot wait to see the coloured toilets and vintage furnishings when you are finished! Lots of 'before' photos please!! Your friend from Fedora Lounge. Paddy x
    PS: So HAPPY for you sweetheart!!

  8. Happy blogoversary! I look forward to seeing your continuing adventures. Especially your adventures in home ownership.