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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Burda Wednesday: January 1958, part I

Hello everybody.

Welcome to January 1958.
Let's take a look at what was on back in the day:
January 1 - The European Economic Community (EEC) is founded.
January 4 – Sputnik 1 (launched on October 4, 1957) falls to Earth from its orbit and burns up.
January 20 – Anne de Vries releases the fourth and final volume of Journey Through the Night.
January 31 – The first successful American satellite, Explorer 1, is launched into orbit.

And, in the world of fashion
new Burda magazine was issued:

Bags and bangles
beautiful items, for your everyday use.

Siemens is still a brand of choice
for many housewives over here
(it's long existance tell you why)

This shapewear shows you 
what is a TRUE difference is fitting a dress on your body
(no "fatty wobble" back in the day)

"Start your new year"
amazing color, don't you agree?
...just a little bit of flight-attendant feel goeas a long way.

Fresh and modern
this is what was "in": stripped materials in bold colors

Look at this lady in gray:
perfect for an office, 
and her is not dull due to red gloves and gorgeous hat.

It's all about details.

" we travel to the winter holidays"
Traveling in style. :)

"Convenient and practical"
Ever wondering how to protect your delicate neckline from frost?!
Here's how.

Some folks have issues with pant that are tight around ankles
I say: they prevent cold air from "rising up the leg" :)

"Nights in the cottage"
...oho1 we're having a party! :) 

Here's a magnificent page featuring all new 
outfit and shoe ideas

Amazing patterns for gentleman.

What better way to advertise a cooling-equipment
than a penguin?!

Interesting shirts.

"With a personal touch"
Indeed, it is.

Every iten on this page is adorable.
A red and navy-green combination is quite appealing.

What's new in January:
the small wool-dress.

In case any of you is feeling like "not dooling up" today, take another look at these amazing images. I, too have days of not caring.. and those moods are sometins hard to fight off without some "visual aid". I hope these pages inspire you, my friends.


  1. Oooh, I love the bow details in the dress and coat in the aeroplane shot. I'd wear that!

  2. Ooohh, now I really must say, this is my favourite edition of Burda in a while. Not only do I love the fashions pictured here, but I feel like I want to wear a huge number of them and that they suit the direction that my (clothing) tastes are going in as I age. The elegance of these pieces coupled with telltale signs of femininity and charm still, is beyond appealing.

    Many thanks for another fabulous Burda Wednesday. They're definitely one of the highlights of the blogging week for me!

    ♥ Jessica