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Monday, 11 May 2015

Lady gardener: what is that "Lady Gardener", anyway?!

Hello everybody.

Let me start by quoting one sentence from the following chapter: "The choice of career depends largely upon the character and bringing up of a girl". Oh, how true!

The last century has seen enormous changes in the professional gardening world. Women gardeners have removed their aprons, deserted their kitchens and are wielding their influence in domestic gardens, the centres we buy our gardening supplies from, books and periodicals and in the burgeoning video and DVD market. But, back in time, there were some pioneers in this feild - and this book was their guide.
Last time, I gave you an Introduction
In it, there's more than mere words, more than a hitn of what's in the book. This Introduction is an empowering text, and I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Let me now, 
give you a text on what it is
to be a Lady Gardener:

Before I leave you, while sniffing 'round World Wide Web, I came across a list:
Music for a Lady Gardener:
1. An apple for the teacher Bing Crosby & Connee Boswell
2. No orchids for my lady Joe Loss & his orchestra with Howard Jones
3. We'll gather lilacs Geraldo & his orchestra with Sally Douglas
4. Ramblin' rose Benny Lee & The Keynotes
5. Lavender blue Donald Peers
6. Strawberry fair The Mills Brothers
7. Red roses for a blue lady Vaughn Monroe
8. Rosy apples Evelyn Knight
9. My lady greensleeves Luton Girls Choir
10. Come into the garden, Maude John McCormack
11. Summertime Jane Powell
12. In a shady nook Donald Peers
13. The purtest little tree Evelyn Knight
14. Sunflower Russ Morgan
15. Trees Luton Girls Choir
16. The garden where the praties grow John McCormack
17. By the river of roses Ivy Benson
18. I heard a robin singing Luton Girls Choir 
19. Down by the Sally Gardens John McCormack
20. If I were a blackbird Ronnie Ronalde

21. It might as well be spring Dick Haymes.
(feel free to let me know what do you think about these tunes - and add up more if you feel like it - in the comment section below)
Have a great Monday.


  1. Hehehe - I should warn you, in Britain, 'lady garden' is slang for, em, a lady's personal bits. If you get my drift.

    This makes the fact that we have a member of the house of Lords whose surname is Garden, and therefore her title is 'Lady Garden', all the funnier...

    1. I am aware of that. :)
      Many terms have changed their meaning in time (and many terms have different meaning in different locations). Remember when being "gay" ment you had a great day? Or, when something was "cool" you should drink is slowly? :)

  2. That play list is thoroughly lovely! I'm going to spend some time later today seeing how many (hopefully all) of these tunes I can find on YouTube. Thank you very much for sharing it, and another marvelous look at gardening, with all of us, dear Marija.

    ♥ Jessica