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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Burda Wednesday: September 1957, part II

Hello everyone.

Such a warm and lovely day. It deserves some equaly lovely post from my side. Luck be it, Wedenesday is the day - and my natural choice is Burda magazine.

We start with something worty of the spotlight. :)

"Smart casual is the motto"
I love the flashy jewelery.

September is time to start kindergarden or school
so dressing up the child mattered a lot. 

Quite the burst of different patterns and colors
I wonder what would modern interior designer
had to say about this picture...
(me - I like it)


Juicer is important for a homemaker:
makes an instant health - in a glass. :)

I know, I know.. there is, nowadays, a whome "movement" - folks are "juicing" for living. Personaly, I love good and fresh fruit juice, but I also like my food to be not-liquid. I could not managed just drinking.. then my teeth would be bored. :)

Meet "Aralia"
A house plant, modern decoration back in the day..

Fatsia japonica (fatsi, paperplant or Japanese aralia). It is an evergreen shrub growing to 3–6 m tall, with stout, sparsely branched stems.
The name "fatsi" is an approximation of the old Japanese word for 'eight' (hachi in modern Japanese), referring to the eight lobes. In Japan it is known as yatsude, meaning "eight fingers". 

Dressing up children
Now, when I look at the sentence I just wrote..
somthing's the matter with it:
like we're dressing up dolls - and I do not mean that. :)

Graceful little ladies. :)

On the left - it's a washing machine
(for all you who haven't seen one such speciment) :)

"Her first day in the office" :)
It's a washing-liquid advertisment.

The lady wearing that amazing swimsuit is
"so lively" - I say: indeed, she is.

More ads.

Here's one that we are not to miss out:
"Women look at women"
an universal truth.. we do that, we "match" oursleves,
we get inspired, we get envious...

TRULY exclusive models.

GReat-looking recipes.

Joy in color and form.

This "sunkist" ad is so cute..
and, folks from "vecrema" say:
"few days after they had their skin cleaned, their happines began" 
..if it was only so easy.

Making hte pocket cover.

New products for the housewife.

There's lot to say (write) about being a homemaker, and this picture has reminded me of it. As a matter of fact, if you are interested in reading what some of the lovely ladies who's blog I'm following, had to say on the theme.. here's the link to Bethany's "Why I love being a homemaker" post over at The Glamourous Housewife.

Have a great day.


  1. That fruit set on the 'Joy in colour and form' page is delightful - I'd make room for it in my house in an instant.

  2. The red knitted dress with the hood is fantastic! If only I could knit a bit better!!!

  3. Purple outfit & ozelot cape...swoon!!!