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Monday, 27 April 2015

Lady gardened is now completely normal.. how about before?

Hello everybody.

100 years ago, this was written:
"Gardening, taken up as a hobby when all the laborious work can be done by a man is delightful, but as a life’s work [for a woman], it is almost an impossible thing."
Sir Joseph Hooker, head of the Royal Botanic Gardens

Here's one of the pioneers
to whom I'm cheering!

Ladies in big hats certainly directed gardens, but few got down and dirty, a class divided them from toiling peasant women.
Nowadays, 20% of Head Gardeners and over 30% of their assistants are female. During the time inbtween, war hapened (twice!) and it certanly made the difference to what was considered "women's work" and many a mould-breaking Victorian and Edwardian women helped crack the glass ceiling  for us to be able to spend time doing something we love.

I have just found this amusing book, with an amazing name: "Gardening for women". 
Published back in 1908. by Frances Wolseley, the Principal of the Glyinde school for Lady Gardeners in Sussex - it is surely treasured by many.

In the future weeks, 
we will see some great reads from the book.

For now, an Introduction
(often jumped over, and passsed as "not needed")
But, this Introduction is an essay
of artistic value... so, I'm begining here:

After all, women were the first gardeners and harvesters, responsible for the menial task of putting food on the table, while the males of the species hunted.

I hope you've liked it.
And I hope you'll stick around for more.


  1. It's hard not to roll your eyes and shudder at the same time when one thinks about such attitudes towards women, especially in such a seemingly benign context (as gardening), still ringing out just a century ago. Of course, they lingered much longer in some areas of life, and are still going on (for some women at least) in others, but really, how could anyone think that women were incapable of gardening? We're the original "gathers" in the hunter-gather equation after all!!!

    Great post, dear Marija. Thank you!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you dear Jess - and: you are right.
      Firstly, I was i in shock.
      How could someone even imagine to state such a horrible thing, when our entire existence is still present solely due to women's "green-fingers"?! Sure, I can not lift a spade as fast and dig out a trench as deep as a man can - but that does not make any women any less of a gardener.