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Monday, 6 April 2015

How to be Miss Popularity; a word from Hollywood star: "...a girl should be herself, first and always"

Hello everyone.

How was your Easter? 
I hope your day was great, and I hope you had all the cupcakes, cakes, ham, eggs and.. well: everything to your liking - as much as you've wanted..

What are some of the greatest advices you've gotten as a child?
Mine was: there is no time-machine, also know as "Don't cry over spilt milk" - no matter how much pain, tears, tries and anger it may cause.. past is and asways will remain: the past. We can't change it, but we can learn from it.
From the true life's pains, some relationship choices.. over to fashion - this remains the Capital Rule we all must remember: the sole purpose of our past is to learn from it. So, I've found this article in a movie magazine (what, say you.. YES, there are some might good articles in movie magazines) and it's an interview with a darling of Hollywood - Jeanette MacDonald.

She "spills the beans" on being popular.

I, for one, like to read these kind of articles (one can never have to much boost to her confidence). You may be liberal and free-spirited. You may be outspoken and love the eyes of public. Me.. I'm shy and introvert. Being able to read some "good words" on gaining self-confidence helps me - even if the article comes from a 1937 edition of movie magazine.
As a matter of fact, I know many ladies prefered reading these than some daily newspapers - so those clever folks in magazine editorial unist got the idea of a lifetime: they've started printing various articles in their magazines - and I (as someone who's diary is a collection of vintage items and dreams) am grateful they did so. 

Braving out the world:

You know...  if I lived back in those years - I too would prefer reading a movie magazine (and all the amazing articles in it) than reading daily news. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing the article from the magazine ...

    I don't have a problem with quetions about the size I wear ... but it is not that easy to answer. I actually don't really have one size ... I wear top: EU36 / bottom EU36-38-40 / waist EU34-36 ...because of that I love wide flared skirts. Pants and pencil skirts are hard to find, if you have a 32 cm difference between waist and hips. I check on measuments if buying online - not on confection size. Normally I don't have to alter dresses to make them fit ... they just fit - and what doesn't fit will soon make it's way to the Shop ;)
    Also brooches and pins will be found on etsy soon ... too many are too many! ;)))))

  2. Same here! Entertainment and celebrity magazines seemed so much more appealing (and often way less tawdry and fuelled by little more than the rumour mill) back then.

    This was a really fun read, sweet gal, thank you!

    ♥ Jessica