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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Burda Wednesday: September 1957, part I

Hello everyone.

It's raining outside, and it's midweek. This seem to be one of those days that have the ability to put you down. Fortunately, one can not be anuthing less then joyful when surrounded by whole lot of fashion. Prevention-wise.. let me take you back to 1957, where we'll see what's trendy and where we'll awoid the bed-weather-mood.

Shall we?

She greats us with a joyful smile

This rings a feel of early 1960s,
but it's not yet that time.

I'm not quite sure what to think about this dress
shape is odd - it's the bustle that could cause trouble nowadays
...but her makeup and the hat - amazing

Now - here's the item that features my favorites:
red and green in a single dress!
Grand bakelite buttons and green leather gloves.
"the current model"

"Just like a pianist harmoniously derives from one key to another, we drive the fashion creators almost imperceptibly into the wonderland of winter fashion. As if by magic, the new autumn-winter models ... even more balanced in the line, are shocking in form, not in color."
(hopefully, well trainslated)  :)

What wonders you can do with buttons.

(-germans call them "costume" - so did our moms.. 
not to be confused by something you wear to a fun-party)

The model just above this text - adorable!
full circle skirt, greatly fitted jacket, 
well designed collar and a lovely purse.

I could say a lot on this lovely suit
but I got swooned by the idea:
I could have my hair like hers
(if it gets so lucky - and it grows more)

Not suitable for my body shape,
but I can still appreciate it.

Take a close look at this.
It is an exclusive, alborate, well shaped..
it's what we call a Power Suit.

Wooldresses for your idea-board. :)

"Cool days in sight"
In these dresses - that is surely true

There are still dresses with waists on them,
I like it.

Glossy-hair. :)

"Sleep twice as good
when well wrapped"

Never leave home without
your deodorant.

Even in the rain - ladies look great.

"Bright colors contrast

(see - I told you there's something about fashion that fights the bad mood)

Sissy has got "new... autumn wardrobe"!

With her glamorous look - we end this Wednesday's post

I hope that you're gaving some great weather.. and if you don't - I hope this hleped at lest a bit with powering-up and refresing you.


  1. Gorgeous designs! I officially need a colourful trench coat for the unpredictable weather this spring. It is miserable outside today but with a splash of happy colour we can all keep smiling.

    1. Christina,
      You are right: getting colorful outfits helps the mood.. :)


  2. The odd shape dress is strangely appealing to me, even though I know if there's easily a 50% chance it would look like a train wreck on me. And grabs your attention and makes you at least want to give it a shot. Worst case? Slip it off and put on one of these more classically tailored 50s frocks instead. :)

    ♥ Jessica