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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Burda Wednesday: July1957, part II

Hello everyone!

It's April! :)
(I will not give out any annoucments, since today is, after all an April Fool's day - and I don't want any of you thinking I'm trying to trick you)

So, today, only Burda
(isn't that enough?!)

New way of wearing your shirt
New shapes, lovely patterns...

Many uses of a dress.

Yellow dress is just sublime.
The pattern is (I dare say it) 
a "true 1950s" - it's what most of us think
when first given a hint of the era.

Sissy is wearing stripes - so shoud we this coming summer.
(notice the shoes in the middle?)
Another "Sail away" moment
I, for one, don't mind them at all. :)
Interesting dress design, with the front pleat
changing everything.

Summer fashion for the youngest

No one is left unfashionable on the pages of this magazine! :)
Look at how the models pose.. so adorable.

The setting is so serene.
The simple setting, the gentle details on the thable cloth,
the wall pot and the leaves that break the beige... just amazing.

Ladylike fashion - does make everyone change the way they look at you
(but more that that: 
they change the way they PERCEIVE you)
Don't you agree with me?

Great shirt 
I'm on a lookout for something like that
to add to my summer collection

Cordes advertisment.
They were making life easier for the lady of the house
back in the day.

You have surely heard of the famous
"Refrigerator cookbook"
(look it up - it's an intersting read)

Still the best name for a deodorant:
Odo-ro-no! :)

What say you about those new shoes?

Looking great for the date.
Next to it: "young and Elastic" - exercises to do daily

I have been reading a lot about the lifestyle of the ladies back in the day
they actually ate less and moved much more than we do now 
(and have done more chores in a day)
...hence: their waists were smaller. :)

I agree completely.

"Just between us"
Daily wear.

....and nightly wear. :)

Summer kitchen delights.

How to make a buttonhole
Quite important, actually.

I'll leave you with this,
a breath-taking page featuring
four amazing dresses for "Garden party"
Upper left - surely I can call that one a work of art.


(pardon the office surrounding)
My new (old) skirt
I loved the pattern, so I decided to remake the thing. :)

As I've mentioned before: dressing more lady-like changes the way folks pereive you, address you and treat you - have you noticed it?
Tell me about your experience.


  1. Massively so - and the more so, I find, with each passing year as our culture's fashion sense grows ever more laid back/causal. I love that about dressing a ladylike way actually and while I do think we all deserve the same respect regardless of our attire, that's a lot easier said than done in some cases. One thing that has always endeared me to dressing femininely and in a somewhat modest way is that I know how happy it makes elderly folks who see me (most of whom despise 21st century attire).

    Joyful start of April wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love that yellow sundress too, with that amazing print fabric and cute jacket, it's perfect! The style reminds me alot of Butterick pattern #6049, with shoulder ties added, which means it might be possible to sew up a version of this vintage look.