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Friday, 13 March 2015

What makes a man so.. manly?!

Hello everyone!

“Oh, I don’t mean you’re handsome, not the way people think of handsome. Your face seems kind. But your eyes - they’re beautiful. They’re wild, crazy, like some animal peering out of a forest on fire.”

― Charles Bukowski, "Women"

Today, I'm in a Friday-mood (that is a good mood to be in) - and what better way to share it with the world than by giving you an amazing article, packed with images of handsome fellas .. that is surely going to make some of you smile.

My word.. "please.. rest, my gentle heart" :)


  1. Great magazine! I have to come back and reas the articles more closely ... don't have the time right now.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on the paparazzi post. It is hard to believe, that a person wearing vintage/being dolled up caughts that much attention in a city like Berlin - but Berlin isn't anymore what it was or people expect ... People on the streets look alike fashionable vise, even if they are super hipsters, they look like the other hipsters. I'm really excited and happy if I spot a few vintage people on a flea market or just someone who just peaks out of the crowd, because of a fun outfit. For what ever reason the diversity of fashionable people got lost during the past ten years ... This is pretty sad.
    I totally know how you feel about being the only clown in a small town ... I lived in much smaller towns beforre I moved to Berlin - and I always dressed different to the masses. I'm used to attract attention ... my whole adult life and even before that. ;)
    Hey, but it is good to know that there are other 'clowns' out there in the world. Without blogland, I wouldn't get to know fabulous people like you and other vintage entusiasts ... Thanks to the bloggosphere!

    1. Perfectly put together, my dear.
      These days, it seems that most of the young(er) folks like to be super-individual, but they do not realize that, in the end, they all look the same - they are all HIPSTERS to me. :)
      Hey, I respect their choice.. but, then againn: I ask for some respect back.

      Yes - the blogosphere is an amazing human invention!


  2. Though I would imagine the answer differs from person-to-person for the most part and I'm not one to every define gender or gender traits in cookie cutter type ways, for me personally, I love it when a man is confident, but not cocky. Well dressed, but not vain. Caring and sensitive, but not overly emotion. Giving and generous, but not easily taken for a ride. Strong, but never one to lord that fact over anyone or to get physical unless its in self defense. Smart as a whip, but not arrogant about his intelligence, and a great listener. All these things help to make a great man in my books.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Well summed up, Jessica.
      All in all, a man (in my mind's eye) has to be THERE FOR ME - and with that said he most certanly possesses all of the traits needed. :)