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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Love Story: Memory's Souvenr

Hello everybody.

Today's post comes a bit late - I've been running out and about, trying to get most of the things done before the rain starts.. 
Without further ado, here's you slice of romance:

And, yes - a little quiz, that some of you might find quite interesting (and some of us might find informative).
Well, my stew is cooking nicely - and for the rest of you: have a glorious Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. It is a sad reality that there are still plenty of folks out there like Jean (pre-coming to her senses and learning to be compassionate to those who are ill). What a better and healthier (emotionally!) place the world would be if more people could be more caring towards those who are unwell, be it with a common cold, a chronic illnesses, a disability, a mental illness, or any other kind of health problem.

    Yum!!! I hope that your stew turned out marvelously and this new month has already kicked off on a positive note for you, my dear friend.

    ♥ Jessica