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Sunday, 8 March 2015

International Women's Day - not to be forgotten

Hello everyone.

I do not let myself forget important dates. Ever. So, please FORGIVE me for not giving you your weekly dose of romantic stories.
There's an important "never to forget" note in my calendar.
I mark all the birthdays and all important "days to remember" in my pocket calendar, on a first day of every year - might seem like too much for you to cope on a very first day of the year, but it's a ritual for me. Later, those dates are to be written on my larger calendar; the one on the wall; that just happens to have everything written on: from "dye your hair" over "take kittens to their check-up" all the way to lunar phases-- one never knows. :)

In order to celebrate today, I'm spreading the most human off all emotion; a love for another human being, love towards your friends. And, I'm doing so with a POEM.

In 1952, more than a decade before Where the Wild Things Are catapulted him into creative celebrity, the inexhaustibly brilliant Maurice Sendak began collaborating with beloved children’s book author Ruth Krauss, of whom Sendak is cited to have said, “Prior to the commercialization of children’s books, there was Ruth Krauss.” 
He illustrated eight of her books during her lifetime, as well as a posthumous edition of one of her earliest books in 2005, twelve years after Krauss died. 
Perhaps the most delightful of their collaborations is I’ll Be You and You Be Me  — a heartwarming and witty ode to the empathic bonds of friendship and a celebration of children’s wild and whimsical imagination, originally published in 1954.

Love need no explanation, it needs no elaboration, it's like an energy: it exist and changes from one form to another. One can love deeply and passionately. one can love a man, a woman.. but one can also love a parent or a darling pet.

Today, I'm celebrating my love - an overspreading love for human kind. The unconditional need to befriend and surround oneself with laughter. 
Today, I'm celebrating Klara Cetkin and all pioneer ladies who gave us the right to stand where we are, with our heads held high.

Today, I'm celebrating my mother, and the gift of life she gave me.

..and I'm thankful for all of the above.


  1. Yes!!! A million, nay a billion, times over, yes! We need to celebrate women so much more than we do. Yes, massive strides have been made in many countries when it comes to women's rights and that is of course fantastic, but Women's Day is not even marked here in North America and numerous other parts of the world (nor do we have another day that makes up for it - the closest would be Mother's Day in May). The more I think about that, the more it disturbs me and I think that next year I'll blog about this fact and encourage all of my fellow vintage loving folks, wherever they may reside, to help spread the world about this important, meaningful date.

    Tons of hugs, sweet lady!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes, indeed.
      Having those women fight for our mutual future, and remembering them - it and will always be my task.