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Friday, 20 March 2015

House is a home: Two-Stage Expandable Vacationer

Hello everyone.

Back in the day, recreational travel was the norm. After war's end in 1945, pent-up demand for travel was unleashed during an unexpected economic boom that erased fears the Depression of the 1930s might return.
Summer vacation meant loading up the family station wagon and hitting the nation’s highways to see the all the sights.

Way back in the day, when I stil wore diapers, every family that managed to save up even a bit, would pack their bags, blankets, stoves... and head to one of the country's resort. Now, let me remind you that, back in those days, my country was much larger, and we HAD large amount of choices in the seaside vacation sites. However, that was before I could remember - but I do have lots and lots of images from the bare-bottomed-me era. :)
The holidays, as I remember them, took us on a four hour ride, to the lake side. We would usualy stay in one of those amazing creations: the trailer-houses. They were neatly lined in the huge forest-like area (that was the first time I ever held an acorn in my hand), and just a short walk away from the lake. Nothing glamourous.

If we were to talk "going the distance" for a holiday - this is the place to do it. I'm showing you yet another one of architectural wonders, designed solely for your leisure.

This elaborate design, and the modern cut make me imagine that this family had got to be quite "hip" and interested in modern things. Surely, you can see Mom using a modern camera. 

Look at this marvel of modern technology!

They just might even had a projector - for seeing what they've filmed or for a "movie night"; calling the neighbors for an evening of fun. 

Setting yourself up for somethin like this would reqire much more planning, since (I presume), folks didn't come to these "leisure homes" for an "extended weekend" - no, no; they would literaly MOVE here for the course of entire summer.

Sorry about this pop-up of me. :)
It's my "wearing a brooch every day" season.
This time it's a serpent with emerald-colored eyes, from Avon

What's the most special or unusual family vacation you remember from your childhood?


  1. We didn't really have holidays when I was a kid - too hard up - but when I was 18 I went with my local youth group to Russia, and part of that involved going out into a forest, where lots of people had dachas for the summer. (I was at Communist Youth Camp!)

    1. Oh, my..
      Dacha - brings back some days from the past.. when we were younger we did indeed stayed in something similar, usually the travel agency would call it "summer cottage" - and it was exactly that..
      I hope you had a great time, Comrade! :)


  2. Lovely post! So true about road trips and getaways like this once being so much more commonplace and affordable. My family was anything but wealthy, but even we managed, for the first several years of my life at least, to take anywhere from one to three road trips most late springs through to early autumns. Now Tony and I have to save for months usually to take one and some years even that isn't possible. It's a true shame that as with just about everything else in life, the price of national travel has risen so steeply in recent years. Still, it's something that everyone who wants to should strive for and while I don't foresee another big getaway like last year's two weeks on Vancouver Island happening for us in 2015, hopefully we can still nip out for an extra long weekend (4 - 5 days) someplace a few hours from home at some point.

    Huge hugs & happy start of spring wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. This is more that true, over here, as well.
      It takes SO much nowadays to save up even for a small trip. Let me tell you; when I write "small" I mean that there is no way of spending your time in anything better than a "two star hotel" - by this, naturally, your travel agency is letting you know you are really spending your nights in a bungalow or in an apartment withing someone's house.