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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Burda Wednesday: May1957 - part II

Hello everyone

"Always fresh, as a daisy,
even on washdays!"

"For the full figured:
don't fear the colors and the sizing"

Pattern - depends on the proportions

Young girls want separates.

The text is: "Teenagers in this season want to become  lady-like. So, it is natural to combine feminine coquetry with the casual sporty and corporate style"

Sadly, it cropped;
but I'm loving the shoes at the bottom.

Prep your kids for summertime!
(mind me - I'd like a dress with that wonderful 
flowers-in-the-cart pattern, too)

Outdoors games

Bottom lef corner:
"You will look at her handbag" 
I do, and it's lovely

I'm sure the day will come, when I'll post about
vintage vacuum cleaners.

This is one thousand times lovelier
than having plain place-mats.

My, my..
what an interesting pattern on her bathrobe.

Take a look at this thing:
yes, they had juicer even when Jack LaLanne was young

"It is fresh, but..."
..not like RExona. :)

I can't translate this entire article, but the images might be heplful
its "Around your bathtub"
what they had in the bathroom back in the day.

I see many items that I do have (and will have) at home
..just not: blue. :)

Not only is is polka dot perfection, 
not only does it feature amazing cleavlage-bow has a bottomrib bow, as well.

CAre to dazzle your guests?
Here are some ideas,

I'm loving both prints: the tablecloth
and the chair.

Sewing cours.

Weight loss


Indeed, that is a Pluto brooch. :)

Ever since I was a kid, I collcted this-and-that. This Pluto brooch you see on the images is one of those things. It was a little gem I've seen many, many years ago on the pile of trinkets as my granpa and I walked down Farmer's Market. It is one of those things I'm so proud of: I have bought it with my own money. :) 
Have a magnificent day!


  1. Hello Marija!
    What a lovely magazine!
    And a lovely pluto brooch, nice souvenir!
    Amitiés de Normandie!

    1. Thank you ever so much, dear Maud!
      ...and a grand "hey-hey" from somewhat windy Serbia!


  2. These fashions are so splendidly lovely - as Burda's offerings always are/were. It's really neat to see their take on advice for fuller figures. Is that the first time we've run into that in Burda before? It could be a sign of that they were expanding their horizons in the late 50s, if it is.

    Thank you as always for sharing these mid-century fashion gems with us. I really hope that spring is off to fantastic start for you, my cherished friend.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. With Burda, I have learned so much..
      The introduction of "fashion for fuller figure" was indeed something that is happening since beginning of 1957, I guess. There were no "bigger" sizes before that - but bare in mind that soon (in history) Burda will upscale it's magazines and start producing "special" issues.


  3. It's great to see a vintage fashion mag recommending colours and pattern for larger figures.

    1. Yes, dear Mim - it is.
      Before that, we would have to assume that gals were not large(er)... and that is just not true.