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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Love Story: A Woman's Faith

Hello everyone

We seem to be having a new weather-scheme; because in these past few years, we haven't got a single flake of snow in December, but them come February.. our shovels are put to action. It started slowly yesterday, about 14:00, like a soft mix of rain and snow.. and, one hour later (the time we wrap things up - usually) it was on the ground. Since I was working overtime, by the time I left the office, I found myself ankle-high in wet snow.

Yesterday was shoveling-day.
Today, it's almost gone. As my old folks used to say "All wonders happen in three days" - and in this case it is ever so true.

Are you up for a story?
Let us have it:

Happy, happy ending.
Such a hear-warming tale.. Have a great Sunday.

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