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Monday, 16 February 2015

Head over Hedy.. Hedy Lamarr, that is.

Hello everyone.

This post is designed to be one of my "being a lady" articles. Unlike others, this one tells a story, a real life, real person's story.. 

"She had a cloak of intrigue surrounding her, no question about it."
said Angela Lansbury

Many of us know her, and admire her.. her talent was more than skin deep, her beauty inspired emotions.. and, I dare use this phrase: she was ravishing!

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Mirna Loy said: "People assume, apparently because of her beauty, that Hedy is a blank. Not at all! She was always charming when I knew her, with a nice sense of humor."

...and I agree.
Three times hooray for Hedy - for being The Lady (in the true sense of the word), and inspiring more people than she ever knew she possibly could.


  1. Hedy is one of my absolute favorites!

    1. Indeed, Lindsay,
      She was a true gem in the Hollywood's garden of stars. :)