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Monday, 9 February 2015

Garden Guide, WWII leaflet: February

Hello everyone.

Аlas, my friends: the weather is not what is used to be some time ago. The changes are evident.. and this is the third February in a row that we are struggling with snow insted of picking our snowdrops for the spring-display.
Still, there are some jobs one can do even now. For one, this gives us more time to get the seeds we want - and some of you who have the proper conditions (I m not among you - I still haven't got a glasshouse, but I hope I will soon) -- some of the plants can be sown even now. Tomatoes, peppers and some varieties of cabbage; even if you don't have a glasshouse - find a lovely little spot on a window-sill, that will do too. :)

This month's leaflet spoke of one of the MOST important issues of your (and mine!) garden, that is the crop rotation. Now, it's a high science, but back when I was a kid, it was just a single sentence the folks used to tell us: "To keep them healthy -- move them around" :)

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