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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Burda Wednesday: April 1957 - part I

Hello everyone.

There are days when I'm wishing Sring is here.. well, at least it's here, on the pages of our dear Burda magazine. Get ready for lovely spring-friendly fashion.

Shall we?

This dress is nothing new,
but the hirizontal lines make all the difference

Why is this page not in color?
I'd love to see the hat in full bloom.

Open-toe sandals..
but, still: stockings must be worn.

In this, and folling issues, we are boeing introduced with more and more ads. I, for one, don't mind it. As it happens, those ads are the perfect representatives of an era. To me, they should be placed alongside all other historical documents. Becouse: what better way to learn about how life was - then to know what a lady of the house would chose to buy, from what brand, what was popular...

You know, if you could switch sences...
..this SMELLS like Easter. :)

Something completely new:
tie a scarf around your wais, insted of a belt.
Amazing effect, no?

In this image, we can see another novelty:
enhancing your waist by smart usage of shape in dress making

I'm not sure wtah to think
about the red and blue combination...
Does it make her look sluggish?!

Now, THIS is what I'd call
a good ensemble.

Lightwear coats.

You know: I'd like that coat NEVER
get out of fashion.
They are such amazing pieces of wardrobe..

If I had to chose: I'd go for polka-dots (for the afternoon)
...and floral one for the tea. :)

On the left:
A whole NEW vision of polka-dot perfecion:
dots and stripes in a harmony.

This could easily be me - I love
the suit, pleats are perfectly sized, to my taste.

Ladies.. and gents..
We are done for today.
Do you feel at least a bit more Spring-like? I know I do. :)

1 comment:

  1. So, sooooo many amazing, super feminine, completely-my-style 1950s frocks - I can't even handle them all! Swoon, squeal, love! :) Hmm, can you tell I'm ready to bust out the sundresses and lighter garments again. Winter's woolens, tweeds and velvets have run their serviceable course, and I very much appreciate that, but I'm craving sunshine and single layers like the beguilingly beautiful vintage dresses in this week's edition of Burda something fierce.

    Big hugs, my dear friend!
    ♥ Jessica