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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Love Story: Interlude!

Hello everyone

Another cold wave has came our way. After some days of quite the spring-feeling weather, we are again feeling the icy breeze on our cheeks. I don't mind it, as it reminds me of my grandpa and what he used to tell me when I was a child "There's no cold then we put some pace to our walk". :)

Are you enjoying your weekend?
Here's a story, to make it more pleasurable... as of this Sunday, we're reading "Romantic Secret" magazine.. and, gosh.. they have some marvelous stories.. you'll see. 

I love it when the story ends with a hug.
A hug is an universal sign of caring.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, isn't it funny the things that make us chuckle. In the first square, I had to smile because it almost looks like her fierce expression and glaring gaze are centered on his pointy, half-star like pocket square. Don't know why, but that really made me laugh! :)

    So true - a hug is one of the most wonderful and uplifting gifts you can ever give. I'm a total "hugger" and will embrace a stranger (in the appropriate setting, of course), no questions asked.

    Tons of those very things (hugs!) coming your way, my treasured friend!
    ♥ Jessica