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Friday, 30 January 2015

Let me show you some TRUE Art Deco..

Hello everyone.

I have found an amazing catalogue from a French company, made in 1925 - a high time of Art Deco. As our trusty friend Wikipedia describes it: "It is an eclectic style that combines traditional craft motifs with Machine Age imagery and materials. The style is often characterized by rich colours, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation"... and let me show you what it looks like - so you may get some inspiration from the era.

The Hall

The Salon

The Living Room

This is where we end first half of this catalog.
For me, this was a dream come true. It's an amazingly inspiring and every single item is true to it's form (not a "modern twist" or "inspired by"). I'm pulling a lot of ideas from here.

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  1. I love art deco. I've got a hardback book from a British furniture manufacturer from a few years later, and it too is full of gorgeous pics. Sadly, I have too much clutter to manage the deco style! I lok forward to seeing what your catalogue inspires you to do...