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Monday, 26 January 2015

Garden guide; WWII leaflet: January

Hello everyone!

While we can learn much from the victory gardens of the past, part of the growth of today’s renewed interest stems from the fresh, innovative ideas gardeners bring to the movement.

I came about this leaflet a while ago; but I have forgoten about it. Fortunately, there's still time (it's still January) for me to start sharing these..

However you define your mission, by embracing the victory-garden concept with a purpose, you transform your efforts to a more meaningful level.


  1. Wonderful post and message. I think that as time goes on and grocery prices continue to skyrocket, those with the available land to do so, are going to be returning to home gardening a whole lot more often and I see that as a wholly positive thing. Just think of the savings for our wallets and the health benefits to our diets if we were to all embrace growing some of our own food once more, as most of our ancestors did for thousands of years? I really hope that day comes and know that Mother Nature and her children (us) will all be a lot better off when it does.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica,
      As gardening goes, our family has never stopped doing it on our own. It takes only one small walk down the grocery lane in the supermarket to realize that a "grow your own" is a massive way for saving a lot of money. And (unless some nasty thing comes down in the raindrops) - it's all organic.. and, as I've heard - wery popular these days. :)