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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

BURDA Wednesday - November 1956, part II

Hello everyone!

While I'm resting after an over-sized (and supremely done!) Christmas meal - you shall have a feast of your own; the feast for the eyes.. because..'s Burda-time!

"Sissy, may I ask..."
..for this dance. She looks so wonderful, 
almost airy and weightless.

Cocktail dress.

Kids evening-wear.
No cartoon-inspired characters and stretchy materials..

My mom always said:
it's important NOT only to sleep tru the night, 
but also to do it well. :)

...what my mom meant, was:
not only does it matter to have a great night's sleep,
what also matters (to me, at least) is to go to bed well prepared..
who here brushes their hair before bed time?!

Winter time is here (quite literally)
and I know how important it used to be for me
to spend as much time as I could outdoors.
So, good clothing was a "must"

Here's a neat line:
"Winter clothing in bright colors"
...just the way I like my winter-wear: as bright as it can be,
to beat the dreary, grey outdoor mood.

One can never underestimate a good table-cloth just think no one notices it.. 
but the truth is: people don't notice, until something is wrong.
A tear, or a persistent yellow stain...

"No trace of pimples" - said the advertisement
I say: where can I get that?! :)

Have I mentioned I have a strange
keen interest in vintage vacuum-cleaners?!

Knitting pages.

More knitting.
...and Pond's :)

Looks a bit cheese,
but I'd wear it - I like tassels. :)

Over here, we do like hats and gloves (and need them, too - today for instance)
but  they say "good boots save your head"
snce cold feet are the source of all winter illness!

On a daily basis, we like to use a regular table-cloth
On a special day - something like the one above.

"Success n your profession"
Me again, with a question: where can I get that? :)

You don't need to understand the whole text, 
this is about properly dividing grand spaces.

Upper left corner of the image, please
I'd like those suits..

As much as I'm stunned by the red dress,
a closer look at this peacock-print one
is leaving me breathless!

High time for knitting.
I, for one, would love to have the time for it.. 

Plate full of goodness. :)

Well, I will leave you here.. and before I go, to all of you out there, celebrating Christmas on the same day as I do (today, indeed); I wish a peace, love and great health!

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