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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Back to the grind - or: love thy office.

Hello everyone.

Now that the holidays are officically behind all of us, I feel that we all mush push a bit harder in order to get back into our office-mode (and I'm not writing only about some of our skirst and trousers suddenly becoming bit too tight around waistline).
Today, I'm back at the office after a week of resting (errr, not: I spent this holiday styding, and as a matter of fact - being away from the studies feels like a relief).

They are all typing away - exactly what I'm doing right now
(no, no.. it's time for a cofee break - I use it as blogging-break) :)

Having a strong sense of etiquette and professional practice is an important part of any business environment. But it can sometimes seem daunting and scary to put yourself out there – trying so hard to “make it” alongside all the others who are clamouring for the exact same thing. It may seem trivial at first, but having good business etiquette can really set you apart and make you unforgettable to your customers and clients.

Here's a brief except from Amy Wanderboult's book on etiquette, that just migh give you some hints of how it was back then - and some ideas of what it might be again, if you're well into "behaving" the cretain age.

To me, none of these has been outdated. I still behave this way (I doubt I ever knew any other way).

One more thing:

I always try to be nice.

People who are nice to others will attract niceness in return. I would rather do business with this kind of person over someone who is nasty, rude, and disrespectful.
This doesn't mean you have to be a pushover in conflict situations, but if you attempt to maintain a courteous, polite, and respectful attitude in business, no matter who or what you're up against, you'll gain the respect and admiration of others and come off as being a generally nice person, which you are!

Have a great new business-year, my friends.
And: may your workplace be a place of joy!


  1. Good Morning Marija,
    (well it's morning in my neck of the woods)

    And like a warm "cup of joe"...I am enjoying reading your latest.
    Nice !
    Take Care,

  2. I love your lipstick! I work in an office too. It's a small one, just two people, Four or Five on meeting days. I think one of the most important things for me is to not eat food that will get stuck in my teeth. Nothing worse than having food stuck in my teeth all day...

    1. Natalie,
      I hope your office is lay-back and allows you the freedom of wardrobe choice, so that you can wear what makes you comfortable. Also, yes.. the scariest idea: having some gruesome-looking item in your teeth (and no one telling you?!) Oh, we all suffer from that fear, believe me.

      Thank you for stopping by.


  3. No sweaters? I'd freeze in my office without a nice woolly!