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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Out with the old, in with the.. old way of life?! A high time to give back with a smile!


It's been a while since I have some time to think serious thoughts.. and every time the year comes to an end, I look back and reflect on how it was for me: was I doing good, have I done something selfless, is there a way to be better?....
Today, it's a post about my way of life, how I've learned it from my grandfather.

Being humble, what does it mean?!

Humility is not something that comes naturally to most, especially in today’s busy competitive society. Everyday, people see others taking advantage of a situation trying to get ahead or make themselves look good and it really doesn’t do anything for them.
A humble person is someone who does not boast or try to impress themselves on you. They are generally quiet, meek and typically not self serving. This is a good set of attributes to be seen but is a very difficult trait to be known for since being humble involves so many behaviors in our lives and is really the opposite of the way most people are living their lives.

50 ways to be humble

1. Use the response “It’s My Pleasure” when someone thanks you for doing something.
2. Use the response “I’d be honored” when someone asks you to help them or do something with them.
3. Listen more than you talk
4. Count to 3 before adding to a conversation to ensure the other person is done
5. Be willing to follow another person in conversation even if you don’t get to talk about your idea
6. Always offer to improve someone else’s idea and give them credit
7. Give credit for other’s ideas that you are carrying through on
8. Ask others for the opinion of others
9. Ask others to join conversations and contribute
10. Give a Humble Gift
11. It’s OK to be wrong and so admit it
12. Admit when you don’t understand or know something
13. Appreciate others who learn something quickly and say so
14. Be quick to apologize when you do something wrong
15. Study moral principles
16. Use moral principles to guide you
17. You are a beautiful creation
18. Recognize your talents as gifts, not your own ability
19. Know how your skills have only be developed by the help of others
20. Share your own knowledge to pass on what you have learned
21. Pass on thanks when you receive it to those who helped you achieve what was thanked
22. Value other people’s time as much as your own
23. Never equate time spent with people to a euro/dollar value
24. Don’t boast about your achievements, let others recognize them instead
25. Keep your goals to yourself
26. Help other people with their goals
27. Realize the potential in others
28. Know that timing is everything and everyone excels at different times in life
29. Being the 1st follower is often the best way to lead
30. Since winning isn’t everything, you don’t have to win
31. Recognize that you have faults
32. Remember: you are no better or worse than anyone else
33. Ignore first impressions of people
34. Give others the benefit of the doubt
35. Provide positive and encouraging feedback instead of criticism
36. Make a choice to act more humbly
37. Practice at least one humble act each day
38. Be grateful for successes without boasting about them
39. Know how to accept praise with a simple thank you, don’t elaborate on it or talk more about it
40. Recognize the individualism of others and yourself, there is no need to conform
41. Share your core values and live them accordingly regardless of the circumstances
42. Prioritize things in your life and rate your actions on whether to followed that priority or not
43. Rate other people as first, be less significant
44. Forgive those who wrong you and move on without revenge or lashing back
45. Serve others and not yourself first
46. Seek wisdom, which is knowledge of what is true coupled with just judgment of action
47. Recognize and know that you know little and there is always more to learn
48. Avoid explosive reactions, and subside any aggression
49. Accept new ideas and change, not being stuck on what you knew before
50. Teach all that you can for the benefit of others
Try out one of these, then, when you get used to it, add up another one, than another one.. and soon, the day will come, when you will fully embrace the calm nature, gracefulness and poise.
These little daily things might sound like nothing much; but they are life-changing. And it is not only your life I'm thinking of. Even when we pay no attention, we're affecting others. "Every day we move people" - this is what I was told by my grandpa "..and make sure to move them in the right direction", he added.

A friend in need is a friend indeed! ;)
(sure: this too is a way to show grateness - helping where help is needed)

Since it is a high time for giving things, and since on this blog in the last couple of days I have encouraged you to make your presents personal, and make them by your own hand.. I have decided to give you a "hand"-made gift; a usefull and yet vintage-looking item we all need to have in our homes


I am giving you 1959 (errr -2015) printable calendar:

The images are LARGE, so you can print them out.

A calendar is a mighty thing. Not only does it remind us of what comes our way, remids us of our friends' birthdays (and bills that need to be sorted out)...
Calendar is a also important for yet another thig: when flipping my calendar, I focus most on gratefulness. I am thankful for experiences that fill my heart and thrill my mind and opportunities to gracefully touch others’ lives. Looking back at dates and the way I've marked them truly gives me the ability to ghasp the entire year - and remember the glorious moments it had.

This, next-to-last day of the year,
I'll leave you with a single resolution I've made for
the following year:



  1. What a splendid post! Being humble is one of the manners I find very important. Your grandfather was a wise man.
    I wish you a véry Happy New Year and I hope that 2015 will bring you what you wish <3

  2. Tremendously beautiful post, my very dear friend. I too look upon the end of the year (and often when one season changes spots with another, too) as a time to reflect on things in my life that matter, which I want to change, that I hope to get better at/do more, and that have been speaking to me lately, but which I may have put on the back burner because of others that (at least) felt more pressing. All of these things are ringing especially true for me as we usher in 2015 this week and I genuinely plan to pay attention to the changes I want to make and work to make them happen. Most are fun or at least pleasant, so this isn't a hardship in the slightest. Quite the opposite actually.

    With all my heart, I wish you a beautiful, health, and very joyful New Year!
    ♥ Jessica