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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Love Story: Take time for love

Hello everybody!

If you have had fun this Christmas - I'm ever so glad for you. I hope you didn't have any (ehmm) problems after many slices of cake that you must have consumed - I know I have those problems every single year- Because I love that "one more slice" moment. It's that time of year, I suppose.

It's a cold and foggy morning over here, the temperature s low, the ground has frozen - and I must say: I'm glad it is like this. Not only that this increases our chances of having a snow-covered New Year's eve, but much more than that: the Nature needs it.
All the delicate-looking early spring flowers will not come come out next year, if the Winter tricks them; and if the warmth of the air surrounds the ground they might think it's time to rise.. and it is not yet their time to shine. So - my garden is sleeping.


What it is time for right now, is a love story. 

I clapping my hands over here.
I hope you enjoyed ths as much as I have.

1 comment:

  1. I hereby give Christmas the unofficial nickname of "one more piece of cake time". That really does sum of the feasting and generous spirit of this season so extremely well. In my case it was GF chocolate mint brownies that I made (the original version that my mom baked each year was always my favourite Christmas treat as a child, so now I continue that tradition on in a way I can still safely enjoy) and if there were still some left, I'd happily have another! :)

    Tons of hugs & cheerful Tuesday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica