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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Love Story: Exposed

Hello everyone.

Oh, a bit late on posting this, aren't I?
Morning is quite gone; and it was a busy one, for me. There were a number of things to get from Farmer's Market.. and then I realized that it's essential to do the last moment rose-pruning. 
The day s strangely warm, so  warm I don't even need a light coat.

...Let's head on with the story, shall we?

I love a story that ends with a woman smiling. No.. let me correct that: I love every situation in this life that makes a woman smile.
Have a magnificent weekend!
...and I'll continue with my last-moment gardening. :)


  1. Hear, hear, to her last line and yours as well. We need to see more women smiling. Stress and overwork, financial worries, family troubles, you name it, they all get us down and can make smiles as rare as a blue moon for many these days. Here's to the hope everyone will have more reasons to forget what a frown is come 2015.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. You know, Jess..
      I'll drink to that! :)
      We need joy, much, much more joy around this world. And a lot of happy endings.