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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Hello, hello... thinking about a telephone.. a land-phone!

Hello everybody.

Mr. Watson — Come here — I want to see you."
[First intelligible words spoken over the telephone]
― Alexander Graham Bell

Hello, hello. :)

A typical phone call using a traditional phone is placed by picking the phone handset up off the base and holding the handset so that the hearing end is next to the user's ear and the speaking end is within range of the mouth. The caller would then rotary dial or press buttons for the phone numbers needed to complete the call.

I have for you a wonderful little booklet; that shows how much do we really need to think about our line-phones (you DO still use those?!).
Take a look.


Nowadays, we have chosen to carry our phones everywhere (not that I can call it a "phone", it's more like a "device"). The small block of plastic and glass - used for almost anything:

I just used my "phone" as a"photo-camera"
(the time of "one device for one action" is long gone" - but not forgotten)

I still like my land-phone.
There's something lacking in the house, if there is no telephone placed so that everyone can see it. Telephone, to me (and the rest of folk who were not born into mobile-generation) is an item that you struggle for with siblings, fighting and hussing.. because you too have to make a loooong phone call to a friend (and discuss wardore malfunction). :) 
Telephone was, back when I was a kid, a thing you look at on a friday afternoon, hoping that it'll ring, and that the voice on the other side will be Him calling you.. well.. you know. :) And when that happens, there were no text messaging to awoid the awkward silence and the clearing of the throat - and that was the magic of placing a call.
Over here, we can no longer use rotary phones; due to changes in the dialing system (you can't "press 1 after the beep", since your phone has only a dialer). However, that does not mean you have to settle for those modern-office-desk looking phones. 
No, ladies and gents; since there is something we call "vintage inspired".

An italian comprany called "Brondi"
has created two models: Vintage 10 and Vintage 20
they both go in black and white

I have a serious question for you: which one should I buy?


  1. Ooooh, now I madly love them both, but think that the white gets my vote today - perhaps because I'm in such a wintry state of mind and it seems to suit the snowy landscape outside so well.

    That booklet is such a gem! I smiled and felt nostalgic the whole way through. We had rotary phones when I was little and to this day, they're still my favourite style of land line telephone ever.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Rotary phone loving people should unite. :D

      Oh.. could you imagine my surprise once I've set my eyes on these?! I was looking for some items online, and there they were: vintage inspired.. and looking so suitable.
      One of those will find it's place in my home.


  2. I like the "Vintage 10". I've been increasingly thinking about getting rid of my cell phone and getting a home phone. I don't currently use a land-line.

    1. Felicia,
      I'm glad you liked the phones.
      Unfortunately, I can not get rid of my cell phone, due to work, but if the work was not the issue, you'd find my "portable device" in the nearest ditch. :D


  3. I have a landline, but it's the ugliest phone ever because my husband insists on having an answerphone.

    1. Ahhh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
      We do not have many answering-machines over here.. I guess the thing is: if the phone rings out, and no one answers, we're not at home (or do not want to be disturbed). And, also, in this new era - if it's an emergency.. one can always reach us on our cell phone.. AND if, by a chance, even that one s off - you can send a text..
      (you can't escape getting the message) :D

      Many seasonal greetings!