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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

BURDA Wednesday - October 1956, part III

Hey there....

First of all, all of you out there celebrating your Christmas tomorrow:

May your holidays be filled with joy, may your hearts be filled with love and may the room you're in be filled with laughter. Cheers!


Now, my dear friends - it is high time we go back in time to finish off the October issue of Burda magazine, The year is 1956, and we are learning history:

"You have prepared everything, but..."
Never forget your own neatness. :)

One single page - so many stories.
I could stare at it for a long time.
There's the underwear, the bride, the brassiere and houskeeping products
it's simply overwhelming.

Tips & tricks

Over here, we call this "poentless"
You might know it as "Romanian point lace"

OK, time for a little bit of history. :)
As you can see from above, there's a word-game going on. The thing is: back in the beginning of 20th century, my people have taken on many words from different languages. Unlike the original form of words, my folks have accepted the words as they've heard them - and as in this example, we are stuck with some amazing words like:
1. "amfort" gate - it's original form is: "einfahrt", and it means "driveway" 
2. "amrela" - you can guess this one, it's how our "vintage" posh people said "umbrella" 
and so many more.. 

In this image, mom it telling the boy
"No great misfortune"

There's a scary Odo-ro-no advertisment telling:
"Men can be such awful gossips, too"
(look it up, it's not the prettiest way to 
advertise a deodorant)

Ahh... can I manage a post without decorating ideas?
No, I can not. :)

Coffee - that magical liquid.
As a matter of fact, I wrote about it.

"She has the time for herslef"
...because she uses special cookwear.

For those of you who understand this, 
it's a post about "what should I wear..."

The peacock-printed super-green dress in a wonderful form.

"Plastic pattern for the sporty style"
mening: shapeless outfits for everyday use.

See something familiar?
No? Look above this text, 
then take a look at the greeting card I've posted at the beginning..
same, no? :)

Such a lovely cake decoration.. with every slice 
you get a praline and a hazelnut.

Racking leaves was never more romantic. :)

My fabulous friends - I hope you've enjoyed this issue of Burda and more over:



  1. That lime green paisley print dress is truly sensational!!! I would wear it in a heartbeat and wish I could find one like it right now to have at the ready for when spring returns. I love it so much, I know that it will stand out as one of my favourite garments from all the Burda magazines you've shared with us, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica