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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

BURDA Wednesday - October 1956, part II

Hello there

The radio has announced that the weather over here will remain autumn-like until the New Year's eve; and as much as it pleases me to hear that - is also means that the winter will stay longer - maybe even well into March.

My dear friends, little bit of winter will not stop me from providing you with your (and mine) favorite pages from Burda magazine.

So, let's get going...

Beside the loively knitting I can see
an adorable wallet
(and are those feathers? ..sadly, there's no color to them)

Cosing a right bed mattres is hugely important - 
sleep is where our body goes to get stronger
for the day to come

If it was only true.. that a little bit of cream can pull a man closer
BUT - it is true.. a little bit of cream
makes your skin glow and makes you more confident

"I lost 18 pounds"
(to us, metric-system folks, that's about 8 kilos)

"The beginning of the BALL season"
My dear.. what that must have feel like...

Building a suit from "brokat"
(that's heavy silk)

The editor has picked her favorite pieces
of the "new fashion"
I notice a lot of sparkling in the materials
that would do great on a special occasion

The hoby-work for this month
(has an Indian theme to it)

You think we're seeing some new technology in dieting?
No, think again
This add informs us there's "a meal in the glass"

This page and the followin one are dedicated 
to the work-wear

I'm so sorry that you can't see the far left:
it's the cleaning-staff's dress
(much better than seeing women in sweatpans)

"wea re proud of mom"
...about the new dresses that are on sale

"required by them - chosen by us"
(sound great)

and, here's our darlig Sissy
she's providing us with options and ideas 
for our autumn attire.

Long, huge coats
(I'm affraid those would "swallow" me up) :)
..the shoes I like (dog is a Russell Terrier?!)

See this; this is why I look at these magazines:
even the kids are spotlessly dressed up.
...we used to look like that

I know nagging is the last on your list; but I don't consider this statement a nagging-ish. It's my way of trying to let you know how it was back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Even with severe osterity measures, we were on our best.. 
I remember going to the kindergarden, everything had to be sorted out the evening before, even the bag with my indoor-shoes (I will not stat a discussion on taking your shopes off when entering a room - it is like that over here, it's what we live like). I remember having my lunch-mug packed (lunch was provided by the staff, but you had to carry your own mug, to prevent contamination and to secure your safety - you never know are those mugs they give you in the cantine really washed well, right?). And I remember having our little coat-hangers labeled with stickers (mine was a pear) - so every kid knows it's place.
No, really: this is how we learned (early on) to know that, just like household items, we too have to know our place in this world. And, once you learn the order of things as a five year old - you'll surely continue living an orderly and organized life. :)
(have I bored you?)

This image, just above the text
am I the only adult that wants this in their wardrobe=

As a matter of fact, this is still not the end of this issue. There will be a "part III" of this magazine, since all the pages has survived the test of time.. and will come your way next Wednesday. Until then, I hope you've enjoyed it.
Have a great mid-week.


  1. Such a treasure trove of fascinating, fabulous things to observe, swoon over and think about - very much including how over-the-moon incredible it must have been to have had a formal ball season. Even in the genteel (American) south where one can still find cotillion classes, there is no longer a formal season (to the best of my knowledge) for debutantes to make their debut and balls to be attended by those in the tonier of circles.

    Also, while I'm not a huge pillbox hat fan wearer myself (they don't usually do me any favours - much like cloche hats, but those are even "scarier" on me ;)), that ombre hued feather one is sensational. I'd wear it in a heartbeat, even if it wasn't terribly becoming. It always love it when we examples like that of fashion trends that today's industry acts like they just invented from thin air, but which in fact us vintage folks know have been around for ages.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Every word is true.
      There are no longer any remaining balls out there.. maybe, only.. I suppose there might be some version of it on the Upper East side - NOT that any of us will ever attend that. Not that we would - there are a lot of places that fit me better.. :)

  2. Do you mean the coat the boy is wearing that has toggle buttons(long buttons with loops instead of button holes)? You are not the only adult who likes it. I bought a coat like that for this winter. I love it. It's a rather classic style for ladies here in the USA. We call them toggle coats or duffle coats.

    I am new to reading your blog, and I really like it. I wish people dressed now like they did in the 1950s.

    I've noticed ads for UHU-Line in the magazines you've shown. What is it? Is is a medicine? I can't imagine what could be squirted from a tube like toothpaste and onto a spoon to be eaten.

    1. Welcome, darling!

      I have worn such coat back when I was a kid; but what I was thinking about was the little girl's attire: pleated skirt and that waist that is well put together.
      UHU is, to your surprise, a GLUE. :)

      Feel free to roam around my little blog, darling.