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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

BURDA Wednesday - October 1956, part I

Hey there!

Second half of the Fifties Decade is well in the way. And, boy.. do we see some changes in fashion. Wait till you give it a glance in these images.. you'll spot some new (and bold - just spot the front page!) colors, brave cuts and detailing that pops-out.

Let us take a closer look:

Colorful cover - to brighten up the day!

Breathtaking style.

Red dress and yellow features.
Please, note the new design of shoes.

"New coats for..." 

"..1956/1957 winter season"
As I've been mentioning earlier: we are stepping away from
the waist-fitted models

I suppose, back in the day, this is what a 
well-off housewife wore in her West Germany home

"Fashion models"
You can see the introduction of PINK and
the addition of leopard-print

The glossy belt is something new, 
bows are something we are used to by now.

"Beautiful and practical"

"Flattering ellegance"
Even the title in this page is lovely.

The dress in the upper right is a bit odd,
but the one in the bottom is absulute hit!

Take a simple, well-fitted jerseytoop and 
add some embelishemts - instant glamour!

Making this florew takes a bit of needlewor-knowledge
but it's wort the effort.

Draped blouses.
Yet another new thing in fashion: 
the new cut for the neckline.

Chosing the right kind of wool.

Interestingly: THIS is what they used to call "spoty style". :)
And, once you give it a good look,
you can see that those truly are utility-wear.

An ad about washing your whites.

"Knitted and embroidered"

I decide we stop here.
In this isssue of Burda magazine, we have seen quite the number of new things in the world of fashion: from neckline shapes, usage of glossy belts.. up to leopard-printed features used to emphasize the somewhat simple dress.
I don't know about you, but I'm overwhelmed.


  1. I love those dresses - so simple and elegant. I wish more people still had the knack of looking elegant. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Such pretty, classic mi-50s styles. The pleated red dress partnered with a yellow hat really jumps out at me. I have a fairly similar (slightly darker) red 1950s dress which I frequently wear with a taupe colour hat that has millinery fruit in different hues, including yellow, on it. I love that even decades apart, stylish folks are still drawn to the same kinds of combinations. :)

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Love the red dress! I've been trying to find something like it for some time now.