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Friday, 7 November 2014

Three gold diggers out for a little quick silver!

Hello everybody!

Back in spring, I wrote about my favorite film era of all times; the five-year period in film history, beginning with the widespread adoption of sound in 1929 and ending on July 1, 1934, with the inauguration of the Production Code Administration and a policy of rigid censorship. 
Before July 1, 1934, restrictions on movie content varied widely, depending on local laws, mores and public taste. As a result, "pre-Code films" tend to be racier, sexier, more adult, more cynical, more socially critical and more honest.

Every now and then, when I get the time, I like to enjoy the old world's cinema. I have realized that those film suit me better, I prefer their humor, and the fact that those were the films you actually had to listen to.
 Let me introduce you to one of the representatives of the era:

”Gold-Diggers! – “Loreleis!” – “Man-Hunters!” – Adventuresses!” 
No metal could touch them but gold…

Also titled: The Greeks Had a Word for Them
(would that word be "frenemies"? )

This is what it's all about:

Roommates Schatzi (Joan Blondell) and Polaire (Madge Evans) welcome their mutual friend, would-be gold digger and habitual schemer Jean (Ina Claire), back to New York after a disastrous trip to Paris which left her (deservedly) penniless. 

That's "them"!

Jean is initially angry that Schatzi is now involved with the unseen Pops, an elderly "sugar daddy," since Jean always wanted to land Pops for herself. But that night, the three single gals go out on the town with Polaire's steady beau, nice guy Dey (David Manners), and pretentious concert pianist Feldman (Lowell Sherman), who's supposed to be Jean's escort for the evening.

And: the plot thickens!

No, no.. thickening is not the word for what happens - better way to put is: "a whole lot of mess".
Feldman invites them all over to his place and focuses all his attention on Polaire, whom he promises to turn into a successful pianist in her own right. Sensing defeat, Dey slinks off. But Jean sticks around and manages to seduce Feldman anyway. The humiliated Polaire gets into a cab, which crashes into a milk truck.
She survives .. but, for more - why don't you take a look at it HERE  

Another thing about this movie, that might interest you. You know that "vintage hair-curling" image that is everywhere. Everyone has, once in their life, saw that one, and wondered where in the world did it come from?! 

This one:

It's Schatzi at the spa!  :)

Let me leave you with a funny quote from the movie:
Drunk: Waiter, I'm looking for a place to wash my hands Waiter: (gesturing) There's a room there marked "Gentlemen," but don't let that stop you. You go right in. 
Have a great day!


  1. "Would that word be frenemies?" :D Love it - yes, I do believe it would be. :) I haven't seen this exciting sounding flick yet, but will try to set aside some time to catch it this weekend. It's truly fantastic, and so important, that early films like this one are available for free for all to enjoy online. Score one for the internet!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Do watch it, Jessica.
      You will not be disappointed.
      Internet has, as I've mentioned over and over again, spread my world.. and I'm ever so grateful for it's ability to provide more than mere modern entertainment.