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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The new coiffures

Hello everybody.

As you all know well - I'm a short hair girl, myself. So, every time I get a hold of an article that talks about short hair, I smile. Fortunately, the fashions of 1930s were to my liking - all about lady0s hair being short.

Here's a darling little article about styling trends from 1931.


You know, we too have pumpkins:

Don't mind my tired face, this was taken after work yesterday.
Yes,Cuddles said "hi" to all of you! :)

I know it's short, but I hope you liked it!


  1. Aww, hello dear Marija and uber cute Cuddles. You're both looking paws-itively lovely! Short hair rocks. I really mean that. I actually regret not cutting my natural locks shorter and experiencing an above the shoulder style before I made the switch to being a wig wearer due to my thinning, patchy hair. Of course there are no shortage of short haired wigs out there, but surprisingly, very few of them look vintage-y, let alone in a non super costumey kind of way. Still, all throughout 2014 I've felt a strong pull towards shorter hair and am continuing my ongoing search for a nice, not-too-expensive wig that might do the job. I'll definitely let you know if I hit upon a winner.

    I hope you have a lovely, peaceful Armistice/Remembrance Day, my sweet friend.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hello.
      Cuddles says "Hi there!". :)
      Every time someone asks me about the choice I've made with my hair; I let them know I like my style. I don't know would I recommend it to anyone, since I've seen grown women cry when having their hair cut. I find it liberating (and, in a way: needed, since my hair is thin, weak and never to grow pass shoulders without looking awful).
      So, I'd rather opt for having a dashing short style than a shabby-looking long(er) one.

      And; thank you, we've had a lovely day.