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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Love Story: The lovely Snob

Hello everybody.

Happy Sunday morning! I hope you had a good night's sleep, or maybe your evening was rather eventful? Do share how it was..

I've promised to let you all know about the results from the personality test I've taken (yet again, I'm encouraging you to GO AHEAD and take it yourself).


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Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light 
of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.
Martin Luther King

Like this great man, I too am an INFJ personality. (The letters stand for: (I) Introversion; (N) Intuition; (F) Feeling; (J) Judging). INFJs tend to see helping others as their purpose in life, but while people with this personality type can be found engaging rescue efforts and doing charity work, their real passion is to get to the heart of the issue so that people need not be rescued at all.


I do see some irony in today's post title - but, rest assured: I am no Snob.. and it is fine time for a lovely story, sweet characters and a happy ending.

Shall we?

Sweet, sweet story - fit for a lovely Sunday.
Enjoy today.. I go - to farmer's market. :)


  1. *Eeeeee!!!* You're an INFJ, too, that is so awesome!!! I'm not surprised at all. I've long thought we had so much in common, and not just mutual interests, but ways of writing, speaking, caring, and interacting with other people. I love that we're INFJ twins (on top of being birthday month twins, too) and think that deeps the beautiful bond we share all the more.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I felt that connection, too, dear Jessica.
      But, not even in my wildest dreams did I see that we could both belong to the same type.. well, I knew you were devoted and selfless - now I know how deep that amazingness goes.
      So, so, so many similarities - makes me happy to be able to "meet" someone so wonderful!