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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Love Story: I gave the groom away

Hello everybody!

Sunday is second Farmer's Market day over here (first one, and bigger one is on Friday, but I do not frequent it). I like to spend my Sunday morning walking to the market, saying occasional "Hello" to the folks on the street. I like looking at produce, seeing them all lined up for our viewing (and shopping). 
I like the safety of this little life I'm having - there's now so much talk about what is organic and all the places you can find GMO's. We are fortunate to be able to get up on a Sunday, walk to the Market place and buy all natural, all fresh foods.
All right, there are non-food items there: from stockings, to bathroom fresheners - you can find it all.. even some car-parts. So, getting up on a Sunday is worth it.

While I'm picking what apples to buy, take a moment to enjoy this adorable story:

Hope you liked it. Stop.
Have a magnificent day. Stop. :)

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