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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

BURDA Wednesday - March 1956, part II


I like our Wednesdays togehter.
We get to enjoy the fashionable ladies at their best, to see the "latest" trends, and to get loads of inspiration. Not to say: it's a good way to "break" my mid-week blues.

So, shall we?

I have often mentioned how much uses a cold cream has

Knit-works for the kids

Loving her pom-pom on the hat.

The flower behind the table.. a funny story

Back in hight school, we had this plant - a large Philodendron in our biology classroom. It was placed next to the teacher's desk. Now, every time we had a question-day; a student would be called out, walked to teacher's desk and answer her questions (that is how we got our grades).
Imagine this: being nervous, waiting for the next question - and your fingers are slowly moving toward the giant green leaf. Without knowing it, most of the kids were picking the leaves with their nails.. until one day teacher screamed out: "Get your nails off of my Philadedndron!"
The poor girl fainted! :)

Meet: Isetta!

The Isetta is an Italian-designed microcar built under license in a number of different countries, including Spain, Belgium, France,  Brazil, Germany,  and the United Kingdom. Because of its egg shape and bubble-like windows, it became known as a bubble car.
It was the top-selling single-cylinder car in the world, with 161,728 units sold.

So practic and shick!

What to wear
from silk to chemical fiber

Easy to make - accessorizes.

Yes - dress warmly, that's right - but..

Look at that amazing BLING!

Don't know what to mention first:
Pommes-frittes or the Peter Pan collars
both are precious!

You know what UHU is?
It's a synonim for "glue" - even in our language :)

Garden on your balcony.
See: nothing new here!

One more reason for loving 1950s: the VESPA!

How to clean your dishes?
(and a lovely table set)

Too bad it's autumn, and it's cold
I'd like to go on a picnic now!

"This year's early-summer fashion"

Look at these adorable exclusive models!
So extravagant.

Easter is a BIG thing in Germany.

Gosh, how I love the meat balls with the egg inside!
Our part of the country has adopted many German meals
and this is one of them.

"New models for 1956"
New bra's, that is.

One day (one fine day!) my hair
might look like hers.

Yesterday, I did a personality test. It's called "16 personalities" and you can find it by following this link. Is it accurate? I think so, yes. 
All in all, it was great fun, and I think I'll write about it soon.. for now, let me just tell you I turned out to be like Mother Theresa. :)

Take the test, let me know what you think... 


  1. Isn't the Myers-Briggs/16 Types test uncanny? I first took it around the age of 15 and have taken it two more times since. I get INFJ every time and really, really do feel that I fit at least 90 to 95% off the profile to a tee. I think that is it the most accurate and sound personality test yet to be devised and am a big supporter of everyone finding out their type. You've piqued my interest now, dear gal, which of the sixteen are you?

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Dear, dear.. dear friend!
      Would you be surprised that, I too am an INFJ persona?! No matter how many times I take the test, it always brigns me to the same result: selflessly giving oneself to others. :)

  2. thanks for sharing! i love the bags, the pommes frites feature and the what to wear article. ... good that burda magazine is in german! ;)

    1. I'm so glad you've liked it.
      ...and envious of you being able to fully understand it. My personal knowledge of German is, sadly, quite limited..