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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

BURDA Wednesday - August 1956, part II

Hello everybody.

This morning I woke up to a foggy day. More over, it's one of those times in the year that we all don't enjoy much - yearly health check-up (I am no fan of standing in the line, without having my breakfast taken, to get my blood drawn out).
Now, that's done, and I (more then ever) need a mood-booster. I know no better way of doing so than taking a look at someting beautiful - and today's issue of Burda magazine is just that.

So, let the mood-boosting begin! :)

Making lovely aprons.
Remember the time when hand-made presents were the thing to give?

"Aprons - in new and old form"
I prefer mine old-school
(like the middle one in the precious piture)

Versatile knitting

These are making me green of envy :)
Look at the hearts on the bottom one; so adorable.

Summer dresses
all about color and pattern

Preparing the kids for school?

These images show how serious 
the work of a parent is: the kid
must be at it's best for the first day.

There's something so calming, yet glamurous
in the somlicity of this table-cloth

Burda teaches you how to care for your plants
..but, it also features some amazine tableware. 

Do you like umbrellas?
I do.

Solutions for the areas of your home
that have sloped walls.

The ideas for every room.

The ad in the upper left:
"The beautiful dream" .- to be slim.

"you go to the same office, but.."
Rexona ad - making the difference.


And.. here goes the BRIDES:

"We like it"

It's soup time..
Knorr is the brand that is still there - here. :)
(do not click on the link on an empty stomach!)

Eat you vegetables, my dear friends.

Again - I got swooned away by jewels. 

..and a lovely lady sporting interesing stripes.

I hope this will halp you as much as it helps me. To me, these old magazine pages are therapetic. They calm me down, they inspire me and lift my mood - sky high... oh, that green dress adorned by small hearts.. makes this heart beat to the rhytm of joy.

Have a great mid-week.

1 comment:

  1. Goodness, are they ever!!! I've always found vintage to be very therapeutic, and not just as an important counterbalance to my medical issues, but for all those who find they way to it. There is something serene and wonderful about celebrating and preserving the past. It instills joy and makes one feel like they're even more connected to the human experience (IMO, at least).

    Thank you for another marvelous edition, dear Marija. I really do wait eagerly for each new Burda post you share with us and the calming, wonderful time they grant to bask in the glow of so much vintage-y goodness.

    Tons of hugs & the deepest of heartfelt thanks for your caring, beautiful comment on Tuesday's post,
    ♥ Jessica