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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

BURDA Wednesday - August 1956, part I

Hеllo everybody!

Firstly, let me inform you: there are some prints missing, so there are no issues for the summer of 1956 in our Burda magazine's rack. I'm sorry about that .
Or am I? :)  Because, we're heading to autumn (ahmmm, the lovely season!)

Introducing new hat.

I believe we're giving our beloved Blackie a 
hair cut over here.. something that needs to be done, 
to prevent sheading.. and freshen him up.

For a moment there, this lady appeared like Grace Kely.
(note the delicate golden purse she's wearing)

Breaking the gray with red, 

This lady is wearing a turban to prevent two things: 
1. people noticing her having "bad hair day"
2. the chilling wind

"For the first days of autumn"
I'm loving the details on this image: 
the cuffs in the left, the red shoes in the right and
the side button-up, short gloves and bracelet in the middle.

"Elegant street clothing"
it's what we'd call: everyday clothes.

Sadly, only a small protion of women looks like this nowadays..
Just, look at those buttons on upper right
they are shaping the figure, great optical illusion!

Spot the short hair.
Spot the poses.

As a matter of fact, I'm missing this type of posing. Poses used to be made to benefit the look of the clothing, back then. Now, I'm getting the feeling that model's posing is created to express the photograper's view, or the model itself.. back in time, model was simply there - as a living doll.

These are perfect for the office.

Sleek, elegant, conservative - I like it.

The model in the left elongates the neck.
The one on the right empasizes the waist.

Shirts, shirts, shirts!

"Washing your whites" - it has always been an issue.

Collarless suits and bow ties are
a perfect match

"Practical models"
Personaly, I'm not built to wear such blazers, but 
they are lovely.

"Sissy choses white blouse..."

"..and bright colored felt skirt"

"For everyday"
..chose bright blue.
I have not seen this blue in a long time!

"On the beach no one is pale" :)

"Skirts are important"

"Slim again.. was my best experiance"

It's a bit windy over here, and it's natural for this time of year. November is starting to show us it's true colors; with the yellowing of the leaves and drying of the grasses - nothing can overpower the smell of autumn in the air.

My dear friends, have a lovely mid-week!


  1. Breath, Jess, breath... :D Oh my word, I almost need a vintage paper bag to clutch to my lips. There is so much in this fabulous fall edition that is knocking the wind right out of me. The bedazzling red dress (in the photo where your keen eye spotted the wee gold clutch), the felt skirt and its neighbouring blue jumper/pinafore dress, the everyday blue fashions, even the darling poodle getting a haircut. I love each and every edition of Burda that you share with us, but I do believe that is is one of my very favourites to date.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Breathe, my dear friend..
      ...because more gorgeous issues are coming soon. Most of the images in this (and soon to come issues) are are the pure perfection in style, and YES of course, I would love to have nothing else but that in my closet. :)


  2. So pretty! Thank you for sharing. It's such a shame suits like those have gone out of fashion, they're so practical.

    1. Shame it is, dear Mim.
      For vintage suits are the best way to boost one's femininity. Nothing gives out better vibe than a well-fitted garment.